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Fantasy Football Week 3 Help at RB, QB Question?

I play in a 12 team, non-ppr league. Head to Head matchup style.

Currently after week 2 ends (which I got dismantled 140-90 thanks largely in part to Megatron and Minnesota's defense) I will be sitting with a 1-1 record, just as will the rest of the league.

I needed help in preparation for week 3.

First off, for my RB positions, I am starting McCoy at RB 1. At RB2 I am leaning towards starting Lamar Miller. That leaves me with a tough choice at the FLEX position. Normally the last two weeks I've been starting Marques Colston at that slot. This upcoming week I am looking to possibly put in Knowshon Moreno considering his recent play and he will be going against the Raiders.

Should I start Moreno at the FLEX for week 3 against the raiders?

Also, I waited to select a QB in the later rounds, ending up with Romo which I was pleased with at that time. He plays Saint Louis week 3 but I've been having trouble trusting him as of late and have looked into acquiring Michael Vick. What would you recommend?

Here is my squad below, please feel free to give advice and rank it however you see fit or any suggestions. Thanks.

QB Tony Romo

WR Brandon Marshall

WR Demaryius Thomas

RB Lesean McCoy

RB2 Lamar Miller

TE Jason Witten

DEF Seattle

K Greg Zurlein

FLEX Marques Colston

BN RB Ben Tate

BN WR T.Y Hilton

BN WR Emmanuel Sanders

BN WR Deandre Hopkins

BN RB Kendaal Hunter

BN RB Knowshon Moreno


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    You know there is no reason to have an empty spot, right? Unless your league limits the adds or charges fees... anyone is better than no one.

    Yes, you can certainly make a case for Moreno instead of Colston... especially if it appears that Peterson will be covering Colston all day.

    As far as getting Vick? Sure, but for what? If the deal makes sense, then do it. I wouldn't trade anyone of your current starters for Vick.

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  • Yes I'd start Moreno against Raiders, their rush defense is not the greatest. Manning blow them out of the water and they will run the ball late. Moreno should get some garbage points. Closton is my boy but they will look to put Patrick Peterson on him who will do pretty good.

    I think your team is great considering its a 12 team league, Id give it a 9-10.

    And to be honest, I'd start Vick this week, they just run so many plays its hard not to put up 25+ points (wish I knew that before leaving McCoy on board)

    But tbh it could go either way because chiefs and rams both aren't terrible defenses. a part of me says room because chiefs defense is very underrated but I cant see vick on bench after these 2 weeks. im sorry man this one is up to you.

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  • Well, Megatron went off on the cards, coltson could do the same, but yeah i would roll with moreno. As far as qb, Vick plays KC, whose defense is surprisingly good, i would scramble for alex smith or rivers if i were you, both having good matchups.

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