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If you inform your employer that you will be leaving in a few hours, can you be charged with abandonment?

If a problem occurs and you are too uncomfortable to work, could you inform the boss that you will be leaving at a certain time and they need to find someone else to cover for it, or would that be considered abandonment?

I'm not worried about losing the job, that isn't important to me, so I don't need to hear about being fired and whatnot

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    This question falls into the "it all depends" category. What is the job? I know that as a nurse we cannot leave sick patients and go home if we become uncomfortable. We must have another nurse take over our shift for us. If your job is like that then you must stay. Having said that I will add that it is up to the management of your job to make a good faith effort to find a replacement. In the case of nurses the state will hold management responsible if a nurse reaches a point where they cannot physically carry on and the patients suffer. If leaving your job will not cause physical harm to anyone you should still inform your superiors of your emergency situation. I would think it would have to be something like illness, an emergency with one of your children, etc. Being just "uncomfortable" would not carry much weight with me if I were your boss. You would have to explain yourself more clearly to me. "Uncomfortable" can take in a lot of territory, from massive pain to the room being too warm. I hope this is helpful.

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    You don't get "charged with abandonment". It's not a criminal act. But if you walk off the job like that, can you expect to be fired? Yes. And will you be eligible for unemployment? Not likely.

    Yes it would be considered job abandonment.

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    are you talking to your boss about what is making your uncomfortable?? are you letting them try to fix the issue??

    if you leave without the ok of the people in charge, yes, that would be abandoning your job..

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  • 6 years ago

    if you don't care about the job and are uncomfortable, just quit. yes, you could be fired. you don't tell the boss your schedule, they tell you, grow up kid. life is gonna kick your a$$.

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