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So I'm taken but I still like this other girl for some reason, help?

I'm in a very awesome relationship with my current girlfriend. I can open up to her about my problems that I might have during the day, talk to her for hours and never get bored, have fun in whatever date we're doing (movie date, dinner date, or plain walking). I see my girlfriend as someone who is very sweet, caring, kind, generous, smart, amazing, and beautiful. So you're probably wondering if why I have such a good catch, then why I'm liking somebody else as well? There's this other girl who I was way into in high school. She was very mysterious and extremely attractive. The thing is I had my chance with her, but I turned it down and it hurt her. There was just something in my gut that said she isn't good. The thing is, I felt like I may have misjudged her, and our friendship was gone just like that and from my Senior year of high school till my sophomore year in college, I got to hear about her rage. She talked very nasty about me, despite me apologizing to her. I think I should have confessed my feelings that I liked her back when I did, but all I did was promise to never talk to her if she admitted that she felt something. So for 3 years, I heard rumors about me starting up, and sure enough they originated from her. I still feel bad, and I think about it frequently. I tried denying to myself that I like her, but I still do. I don't know what to do here, because as I said, I'm taken by a wonderful girl, but I still like a girl who I've had so much problems with in the past.

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    Will u pls stop ds drama?? Hw cn u do ds??wn u hav a grl wch s equal to diamonds..ure stl wantng wood???dnt do ds.. Ds grl loves u a lot.. So do u..its seen n ure wrds.. N havng smothr past nonsence is no good at all!! Will u lik if ur grl has smone n hr hrt..addition to u??u wd just slap her..r take sm stupid desicion... Dnt do ds to her.. Frgt hr..n stay happy wt ur current n so called... Future wifey as well!!!

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