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What is the Marshall Institute, which companies funded it, and which denier arguments don't come from it?

Let's have a little honest history, perhaps, to counter O. Mike's copy-pasted deception.


Edit to "Some1": Marshall and Heartland have had comparable goals, with respect to climate science, but Marshall was involved somewhat earlier, and Heartland has been in the fore more recently.



Saying the two are redundant is a bit like saying George HW Bush was redundant to Ronald Reagan

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    The Marshall Institute was founded by three prominent conservative scientists, Frederick Seitz, Robert Jastrow, and William Nierenberg.

    As someone who once had coffee and donuts with Nierenberg, another time independently worked for a company based around an experimental effect that he saw first, and still another time even worked in a building named after him, it saddens me that he was associated with this.

    I guess it shouldn't be too surprising, though, the first thing I remember him saying was "I just got back from speaking with Mr. Reagan..." I think they created the Marshall Institute because of their interest in the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and because they felt it necessary to have an organization of scientists to counterbalance Hans Bethe, Richard Garwin and others, who were vehemently opposed to SDI.

    It is more than a little ironic that James Hansen has won the Nierenberg Prize.

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    The Marshall Institute is redundant to the Heartland Institute. Both institutes are equally adept at misrepresenting the truth, Ottawa Mike's true forte', and flat out lies. O M tries to avoid the flat out lies, but will, on occasion, push the envelope on this. Anyone that has taken the time to understand the science behind the AGWT will realize this is true, by O M's own examples of such.

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