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How can I determine the size of my bike pedals?

I have this bicycle:


And I broke one of the pedals. I need to change them, but I don't know which size they are. Could anybody let me know which size these are and how I can determine that on my own so that I can find out my wife's bike pedal size?



Edit: Part of the problem is that I can't remove it. I wanted to buy the pedal wrench, but the cheaper ones only come with one size, so I wanted to be sure before I bought it.

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    Your bike has 9/16" pedals. When installing or removing it is important that you know that the pedal marked "L" is for the left side (side without the chain) and the "R" is for the right side (side with the chain). They have different threads and it IS possible to force them into the wrong side which will destroy the crank.

  • John M
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    7 years ago

    They are 9/16 " remove one and measure it.

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