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why do people bully to the extremes they do now on social media?

It's just so nasty, i know there has always been some forms of bullying. I was never the most popular girl in school when I was there, many years ago but luckily never suffered extreme bullying just a few stupid comments every now and again but I don't know what i would have done had it been worse. What do people get from being so mean to another person. Its beyond me.


There has been so many cases of teenagers killing themselves, so tragic it doesn't matter if you can just turn of your computer they want a normal life obviously and they shouldn't have to run away from these bullys

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  • MBK
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    8 years ago
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    A minority of people "think they can make themselves taller by cutting off the heads of others". Typically they have low self-worth or conditional judgements about themselves such as "in order to be acceptable, I have to be (e.g.) strong and aggressive... cool and fashionable..... not a geek or a swot.

    Something within them gives them the false belief that their happiness can be increased by hurting others.

    nd the online part - they don't confront their victims, so they can deceive their conscience and pretend they're not actually hurting anyone.

  • 8 years ago

    The thing about bullying online is that, all you have to do is ignore the person, or turn your computer off.

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