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Has anything happened* since this short film was made ... ?

*happen may mean "changed" or "a series of events "...

Short film made with real footage about the GFC ... shows it in a very stark way by using the words of the very people who created it most ...

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    No but we will know more on the weekend when we see if GFC can beat HFC to play FFC or SSFC in the GF

    Thumbs up if you know what im talking about

    PS RFC would have beaten SSFC if CFC hadnt been given a free ride but I dont think RFC would win at Subi. They have a very good record in the last couple of years against HFC if they did


    RFC beats EFC ----- very likely

    RFC beats SSFC ---- Likely

    RFC beats FFC ---- Unlikely

    RFC beats HFC and wins the flag - Maybe (Based on previous meets)

    I hope they lost millions by Rich & Coll's elimination

    Source(s): Global financial what?
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    6 years ago

    I thought you were referring to "Debbie does Dallas".

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