TP-Link Device? Anyone familiar with this brand?

Hi. My parents recently brought home a TP-Link device that they got from China. The device is used to watch Asian dramas and movies through sites like Youku, Letv, and some other popular sites similar to that.

I want to help my parents utilize the device's function but I can't read the manual since it's in Chinese. I was wondering if anyone have a similar device that could give me some advice or sugguestion on how to make the most out of it.

Are you able to download other programs into this device? I can't seem to download Chrome or any thing like that. I wanted to download some Ad Blocker as well since it keeps popping up throughout the page.

Any help is appreciated!

Btw, I have already checked on the main TP-Link website and could not find the device. But as for a description of the device, it's black with a web cam on the front. Quite small and only display Chinese characters.

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  • 7 years ago
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    TP-link is a manufacturer of low end networking equipment, that is all I know.

    Likely it is a generic media box made by TP-Link, with custom firmware applied.

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