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Dissociative Identity Disorder Symptoms?

Would a person with D.I.D. have an affect like different handwriting?

Also, if a person with D.I.D. Took a polygraph test (lie dectector test) on a thing that happened while in their "other" identity, would it be able to show?

For example if their other identity did something, and the real identity took the test about a thing portraying to what the other identity did, would it show that their not lieing that they never did it, if they don't recall any of that?

Hope that clears that question up, thanks.

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    Yes , it can ,to all those , pretty sure about the polygraph as well. You can look up the symptoms that will not answer those type questons anyway.

    Further, DID is a very very very very rare disorder , and some therapists do not believe it exists at all.

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    Did you take a bunch of LSD and loose yourself or something? Only Jesus. And Dimethyltryptamine can help you find yourself. No store bought medication can work that miracle.

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    it is not real. Its called being an asshole, i always say that im bipolar when i do something evil, then be good again.

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