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Supplies for an aquarium CO2 injection system?

Ok, I've been doing a little bit of research and found there's three ways to get a CO2 system (1) get a REALLY expensive brand name setup kit (2) Find the industrial parts separately but will save you alot of money in the long haul (3) do a REALLY cheap DIY system that looks kinda ugly but dirt cheap.

I'm going for (2) which is the sweet spot so it looks good, expensive at first but really saves a lot of money.

What are the materials, so I can find these industrial parts to make the injection system?


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    What are the materials, so I can find these industrial parts to make the injection system?

    ---depends on where you live, but there's catalogs of industrial supplies both online, but also in most major cities. We have Grainger and McMaster Carr as well as other more specialized sources

    It might be better to buy the regulator and valves from a fish store or online fish supplier and avoid the hassle of trying to figure out the proper specs of your first system. You can always upgrade particular components over time as you discover how your tank functions.

    But, look first for DIY videos on other online resources to see the possible hassles and problems you might run into

    what you might consider is doing a DIY yeast reactor while you read up on,,,,diffusers, bubble counters, timer or controller, regulator, electric solenoid valve and needle valve.

    This way you'll start getting Co2 and learn about the flow rate and how to adjust it; then graduate up to a pressurized cylinder.

    There's a crap load of ways to do the diffusing and metering of the gas, and you'll have to just try one way and see how it works. I personally don't have a clear idea of the best method.

    good resource for info, but way too pricey, is Takashi Amano's site/company but his tanks are considered some of the best in the world.

    Source(s): went to look for link to direct you to the right stuff,,,,,, 390,000 results, you'll have no problem finding Takashi Amano
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