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First time I tunes user need help!?

My boyfriend had started an itunes account on my computer and he has all his music on there. I just got an Ipod nano and it won't let me sync anything. I tried to open my own account but it wouldn't let me. How do i delete his account? and if I do will it let me download music?

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    It's probably best to just contact support. If you want to make your own account though, you have to make sure you are linking the account to a different email than your boyfriend's account. You can't have two accounts linked to the same email (possibly for spam prevention reasons). If you're already trying to link it to a different email and it still won't work, then contacting support is your best bet. They should be able to help you way better than anyone else. As for the not syncing issue, that can happen for many reasons. There's really not a definite answer for that.

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    No contact support

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