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Deino asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 6 years ago

Why would the pharmaceutical industry be harmed by marijuana legalization?

Don't they have all sorts of drugs that are made out of plants and chemicals and things?

Why would marijuana be so difficult to prescribe?

And if the problem is self medication- who the hell cares? Obviously people who self medicate with marijuana are going to overdose- and I don't mean OD and die, but they'll definitely get high and fail to function properly, just like anybody who unwisely self medicates with a mind altering drug would.

Then they'll say, "See, you're an idiot. Take the drug as described."

Just the same as we prescribe opium or whatever that antideppressant is that kids take recreationally...

This isn't rocket science. It's old news.

What difference does it make to chemists who know far more about legal drug distribution than anybody else?

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    Are you kidding me? Do you know how many different conditions Marijuana can treat? First off it completely kills depression therefore anti-depressants would be deemed useless, as they already are now. Anti-depressants alone bring in billions upon billions of dollars for the various pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them. Then there are pain killers. Although MJ can't really suppress serious pain it can help with certain kinds of pain like that from fibromyalgia. Again, billions would be loss. There are many drugs out there to increase appetite for people with cancer and HIV, of course those drugs wouldn't be needed anymore either.

    The pharma industry makes their billions by using chemicals to make drugs and patenting their chemist made poisons. MJ is all natural, works, and is free if you grow your own. That's the last thing big pharma wants on the market. Something that is natural, freely accessible, and can't be patented.

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    6 years ago

    Because marijuana is a cheap and non addictive alternative to many expensive and very addictive meds.

    No, NO meds are actually made from plants. They are all synthetic, and have patents on the synthesis process. THAT is why most meds are prescription and cost so much, because you will notice that as soon as the patent runs out, its available over the counter, far cheaper, and there is a new rx your doctor wants you to take. I was on the allergy meds before they were all over the counter, and they went over the counter exactly when the patent was up and they could no longer continue charging the outrageous prices.

    Marijuana is NOT difficult to prescribe, its FAR cheaper, pharmaceutical companies dont want to lose money.

    Self medication is the problem people are having with the dispensaries. Because its illegal federally, they cant give you a real presciption for it, so you get a card that shows a doctor has recommended that it may help. Therefore, while they can give dosage advice, they cant exactly legally limit your intake.

    Opium as a plant is NOT prescribed in the US. Its instead the synthetic opiates..

    What difference does it make to the chemists? Money. Chemists are getting paid good money for their chemistry skills. Marijuana doesnt need a chemist. It needs a gardener. The difference is money.

    Whats the difference between the anti depressant? The anti depressant is chemically addictive, and you run a real chance of having a psychotic break if you suddenly stop your medication. So, even with someone who is wanting to go off it, you get another 6 months of scripts, plus the doctors get even more money because you have to come see them quite frequently while going off something like that. Some people never can get off it. Marijuana is in no way chemically addictive. You decide yo udont want to take your medicine, thats it, no more money from you.

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    Because marijuana truly is a miracle drug. Some say it will cure cancer. I don't doubt it. I have been around people who are on medical marijuana and I see what a positive effect this natural medicine ha s upon them. It does much more than alleviates pain, it heals. This, of course would cut into huge pharmaceutical profits. So many of that prescription poison will go out of usage and I say hallelujah!

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    Because if we can be relaxed and healed by an herb instead of being required to take their happy pills, they will lose money.

    You can relatively easily grow your own weed, can you easily synthesize anti-depressant pills?

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    6 years ago

    You are high now, aren't you sir?

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    It wouldn't.

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