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Anonymous asked in SportsFootball (American) · 7 years ago

American football v rugby question which is tougher ?

I've always liked rugby and American football both sports are very similar yet there is that age old question which is tougher from what I've seen American football team were padding for protection and the weight of players are very deverse some of the linebackers and blockers seem a little over weight were as in rugby the players are huge if not just as big were no padding also if you saw an American football team do this you would probably **** your self

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  • blm
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    7 years ago
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    Well first of all, I question your first premise. I don't think the two sports are actually all that similar -- at least no more so than other sports in the football code, like soccer, Gaelic football or Australian rules. Rugby's continuous play and limited substitutions alone make it an entirely different sport from it's Americanized cousin.

    But that aside, it depends on what you mean by tough. If you mean "tough" in the sense that the individual hits are harder, then yes, gridiron football is tougher. No one in rugby has a 280 lb defensive end sticking a helmet into their kidney from behind. And the sports medicine studies which actually compare this sort of thing make it very clear that the American game is a lot more likely to get your killed, crippled or concussed. That's just the nature of the downs-for-distance system, where forward progress in inches actually matters. As a consequence, defenders use their bodies as projectiles in order to kill the runner's forward momentum. Utterly different from rugby's contested breakdown, where your intent on a tackle isn't to stop the runner so much as too put yourself in a good position to poach the ball after the tackle.

    But the word can be used in other ways. The continuous play makes rugby a lot "tougher" in the sense of cardio fitness -- no stopping for a breather after every tackle. No gridiron player has to deal with the pain of simply not being able to suck enough air into your lungs and yet still having to carry on for the full eighty minutes. Or the burn in a 2nd rowers thighs when they have to hit a 5 metre scrum in the 78th minute. On the other hand, in a three hour gridiron game, the ball is actually live for something under 12 minutes. Fatigue is simply never an issue.

    And remember -- rugby substitutions are permanent. You dress 22 guys to put 15 on your field, which means that at least 8 players have to be on the field for the entire match. In professional gridiron you dress 46 players to put 11 on the field, who then rotate on and off pretty much at will. No player will be on the field for more than about 40% of the match. The thinking then becomes, "if these guys are so tough, then why do they spend so much time sitting on the bench"?

    Call it a draw.

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  • 7 years ago

    American football

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Rugby any Code is a real Mans game Gridiron is for Girls

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  • 7 years ago

    Football is tougher... You asked this in the football section.. Do you think you are gonna get any other answer..... Good luck...

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