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Who will Obamacare affect the most?

What financial group of citizens will get hurt the most? The lowest making citizens? Middle Class? The Rich?


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    It will really help lawyers and accountants who are going to be needed to interpret the laws. It is going to hurt small to midsized business owners, and it's REALLY going to hurt many of there employees, who will probably have hours cut so that the owners won't have to buy insurance for them. People who are healthy and take care of their body and are responsible for their health will also be hurt, as they will be needed to pay for the more sickly patients.

    According to Obama, premiums will go down (I guess because of competition), but he will be tying the hands of insurance companies so that they put caps on out of pocket expenses. He is also making them insure people with pre existing condition (i.e. MUCH higher medical expenses). How this is supposed to work, I have no clue, but he also hopes that young people will sign up for Obamacare to help pay for the older/sick people. So it will also hurt young adults who may not want medical insurance. He never really explains HOW things are going to work when he talks, he just kind of assumes that it's "going to work". Sick people will also be hurt, as the focus on cutting costs is going to probably lead to longer wait times. Doctors will be hurt, as they will now have to fill out even more paperwork (although this is where lawyers will benefit).

    Some people may benefit, but the VAST majority of people are going to be hurt by the law. I used to strongly support it until I actually took a closer look at some of the unintended consequences of it and noticed that with 20,0000 pages of legislation, most people don't know a whole lot about the law. Of course, the politicians don't care. Nancy Pelosi said "We need to pass this law so that we can find out what's inside."

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    you have missed the elephant sitting in the room (no reference intended to the Republican Party). the primary impact is for the private insurance industry. it hurts them because ACA puts a limit on profits. A certain percentage of premiums has to go to paying health care costs, if there is an excess then that has to be refunded. this was not true in the past, and customers were lucky to get half of their premiums to pay for health cost, the rest went to make slick TV advertising to attract more suckers and to CEO bonuses. But on the other hand the insurance industry is being handed 50 million new premium paying customers, and even with a slimmer profit margin, they should make a killing financially since most of the new crop is healthy or at least easy to keep healthy.

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    Probably the Middle class.

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    No one will be hurt. Low and moderate income classes will benefit from buying low cost insurance.

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    small biz owners will be hit the hardest.

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