Is this guy Brahim Zaibat? The person Madonna wants to marry?

I learned on the internet that Madonna might get married again. I read the article and did a search for this person Brahim Zaibat but when I did the search I found all the pictures were all pictures of a black French model. The person in this article doesn't look black. So is this person on the right Brahim Zaibat or is this a mistake? Just curious.

Here's the article.

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    8 years ago
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    The man in the picture is Brazilian Jesus Luz from Rio, former boyfriend of Madonna before Brahim. Jesus was a model when Madonna met him on a photo shoot in Rio in Dec.2008. Madonna ended their relationship in early 2010.

    Brahim Zaibat is French Algerian from Lyon, 27 yrs old and is a former World Champion break-dancer B-Boy Pokemon Crew. He danced for Madonna at the launch of her, and daughter Lola's, Material Girl clothing line at Macy's in Sept 2010. They were introduced by Normann , Madonna's then Creative Director.

    They became an item almost immediately and went public not long after. They have been together since and Brahim danced on her last tour MDNA 2012. They live together in New York with her 4 kids.

    As for the rumoured fiancé bit reported by US In-Touch magazine last week, Liz Rosenburg, Madonna's rep has denied it. We shall have to wait and see. They are indeed a solid item but Madonna is probably hesitant to marry again especially after promising her daughter Lola she would never remarry!

    As a footnote Brahim as well as being one of the best break dancers on the planet (watch his YouTube vids) he has modelled for Givenchy and currently D-Squared Fall Collection.

    He is Choreographer for the new French Musical Comedy Robin-Des-Bois (Robin Hood) which opens in Paris on Sept 26th 2013.

    He is also taking part as a contestant on the French version of Dancing With The Stars Sept-Dec 2013 TFI channel and is currently in rehearsals for that.

    If you have instagram you can follow him @Bramski6 or f/bk Brahim Zaibat Official or twitter @BZaibat . You can also watch him dance duet here with Madonna on MDNA Tour 2012. Brahim comes in at 1:09

    Youtube thumbnail


    Hope this helps :)

    Source(s): My own knowledge as a Madonna fan , and YouTube
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    That's not Brahim Zaibat in the picture you linked. That's Jesus Luz, the 28 year old Brazilian model Madonna was with before hooking up with Brahim

    Brahim is Algerian, from North Africa.

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    8 years ago

    Madonna better hook up with me before she gets married again. If she thinks she is going to wait until after this marriage fails she may loose her chance to be with me.

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