Is this not the greatest dream for humanity?

-america decides to back off the Middle East and become self sufficient

-peace declared

-israel and zionist arab puppet leaders removed by Russians

-arab nations unite

-sudden high living standards and greater secularism

-al qaeda is removed with the combined help of assad and iran

-obama eats his words and is impeached and imprisoned in GB for war crimes

-Ron Paul elected president 2016

-The Fed immediately squashed

-EU follows hungaries lead and renounces world banking

-US and other english nations follow

-Russia reveals a space elevator they are building near Kazakhstan

-several more spring up in the Philippines and Ecuador

-Ron Paul gathers all his wizard power and makes anime real as he promised

-liberals all die of nose bleeds as a result

-space exploration explodes

-Ron Paul is declared God emperor of mankind as we stretch our iron plated fist into the cosmos

- Ron reliquishes power in name of freedom

- we live in a perfect world

A boy can only dream

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  • 7 years ago
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    You sure have a hard on for Ron Paul.

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  • 7 years ago

    A boy could dream such a dream only with the help of some powerful medicines, the type that are NOT used to cure diseases.

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