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Can people with autism join the us army?

can people with mild autism join the us army aspergers not bad at all can socialy interact with people and has a good school record and has good grades

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    no, ANY AND ALL forms of autism are automatic DQ's from ALL Military branches as well as any jobs such as FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, Local law enforcement agencies, and fire fighting. The issue is that with Autism a person can easily snap under certain pressures, in a high stress situation this could potentially result in a person getting severely injured or even killed.

    Source(s): Army Veteran (I asked a buddy who is currently a recruiter about this)
    • I snap less often than others you idiot Bkrayxay. Also there are people in ALL of those proffessions who have autism. You would be even more unfit than those with autism in those jobs

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    Well, dude, it all really depends. If you have mild autism (something like Asperger's) then they probably won't notice; I knew guys who joined the Army and Marines who had asthma but lied about it. If it's something that you think wouldn't be a problem, then just don't mention it to them. If they did find out about it somewhere down the line, there is a good chance you'd get in legal trouble. Have you ever been officially diagnosed with it? If so, they could potentially find that if you showed enough signs in your records. Ultimately, if you don't think it'll be a problem, don't mention it, but if you think that they'd notice after a while, I wouldn't recommend it. The recruiter goes over that kind of stuff, so if you can at least make it to Basic Training without it ever coming up, then you may be in the clear. Ultimately, it's about you.

    Source(s): I know guys who lied about worse things and still got in.
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    No, and the fact that you have now asked this question 4 times in the last week should give you a good idea why!

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    nope. Aspergers is a PDQ no waivers authorized.

    most people on the Spectrum will not meet the requirements. no allowances or special accommodations are made or permitted.

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    Depends on the army. The Imperial Ottoman army once had 'idiots companies', these were composed of simpletons who were used as human battering rams and swung like a beam of wood against the enemy fortifications.

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    Is this a joke? You know dam well someone with that condition can't be in the military!

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    My brother has Asperson and was not allowed to join.

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    No, its a permanent DQ,

    they cant serve in any branch of the military, Emergency services or the police,

    they can work in McDonald's though.;_ylt=AgemY...

    Trolling and reported.

    • People with autism would be better working at mcdonalds than you conranger1

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    Most likely but they may not like it

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