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I have achieved everything yet I'm unhappy?

I worked so hard to become an engineer and finish school. Yet, now that I've become one I realized there's nothing left. Nothing after school, nothing after getting a career. Everything we do is up to us now. It seems like my purpose is gone almost. The jobs okay, people are really nice too; actually everyone at my workplace is super happy, except me. My coworker always hops by trying to cheer me up.

I moved so far away from home, have my own car, pay my bills, and I'm completely self sufficient. This is what I told myself I wanted years ago, but even then it feels empty.

I should be happy WTF is wrong with me?

Here are the things I haven't achieved yet:

Be an artist, become a kickass* hacker, live happy. Probably get married and have kids, but not their yet.

I think about having fun, but it's so fleeting. Lets say I have a kickass* time with friends (I have none where I live) the next day sucks. The feeling of fun and happiness just goes away and I feel shity* the next day.

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  • nico
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    7 years ago
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    its because you weren't happy being just you. its because you wanted to achieve. this is what ive been trying to tell people this whole time. by thinking in terms of success and failure, you abandoned your true self, and whether or not you succeed you will always have that emptiness. you abandoned that precious thing, your integrity.. you say "I haven't achieved yet.. not there yet.." as if you are incomplete. the thing you abandoned was your sense of wholeness, the beauty you experienced as a baby, as a child. but when we grow up in society our consciousness splits. the wholeness is broken.. and we start wanting to achieve something, and feel that if we don't achieve it, we are not whole. if this is not the case, then why else would we want to achieve things? its to give us a feeling of wholeness, but it is just emptiness, as you have found. achievement is a false wholeness, sought to replace the real one that we gave away so eagerly..

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Happiness" comes from "within". I suspect you have focused solely on your career and external goals.

    Sounds like you never spent much time investing in yourself...just external stuff.

    Do you date? Have you invested anything in someone else and nurtured mutual SOCIAL Agendas long term. Somehow I think you have neglected interpersonal "balance" , and now that you are professionally secure need to set new goals.

    You have NOT "achieved Everything" , as your read confirms. Start to work on a fulfilling social Life, and on one that is not so platonic. Good luck. Peace.

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    Sounds like me. Being self-sufficient can make one feel so alone. Sometimes we need to depend on others to make our presence known. Find someone whom you can relate to, especially these feelings of 'emptiness' that I think everyone goes through. You could start by visiting your family, I'm sure that will bring joy that will last you. Or doing something nice for others, being appreciated is a good feeling.

  • 7 years ago

    Do something different everyday. Make the little things count, its always nice when you have someone by your side to enjoy things with.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I know how you feel for me i think its almost time to start looking for ms. Right hope that helps

  • 7 years ago

    You have not achieved everything,

    because, you have not achieved "happiness."

    You can not achieve that with a kick@§ attitude.

  • Mik
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    7 years ago

    you answered your own question.....you're alone. no one to share with

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