How can I finger tap on multiple strings?

I can di it very easily on a single string. But I'm useless when it comes to the Panama guitar solo by Van Halen, Eruption, and FinL countdown by Europe. I've looked online for videos. But does anyone have any tips or info on where I can find a video for help?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Everything comes with practise.

    Make sure you master the single string tapping before you go any further. Lots of players tend to turn there gain up the way and practise there tapping-to make your tapping sound good, you need to play it cleaner. Go on clean channel and practise tapping-a better way to improve. start slow, get faster.

    ****When you tap, be sure that you the notes in a steady rhythm. Lots of players also tend to tap with their right hand (left if your lefty), but they do not pull off enough to let the next note utter cleanly. A tap is exactly like a normal pull off, but with your other hand, so be sure to 'pull' the string a bit when you tap it.

    Good luck on tapping!

  • 6 years ago

    if you like finger tapping you mightaswell become a bass player lol

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