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How much time passed between the writing of each synoptic gospel, including John?

Also, how long after Jesus' death was Mark written

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    Jesus died at 36.5 years old Friday, 7April30 A.D. He re-appeared in Transfigured body Sunday, 9April30A.D.

    Jesus knew that truth is best passed from father to son so he discouraged written Gospel at first. The minute you write something down it gets re-written and distorted. His Apostles also refused to write the the Gospels until just prior to their deaths. They memorized and taught the Gospel for over 37 years. Peter co-wrote the Gospel of Mark prior to his death in 67A.D.; Mark published it in 68A.D.

    A disciple of Matthew used the Gospel of Mark along with Andrew's notes, sometimes referred to as "Q", to write Matthew's Gospel.It was published in 71A.D. It's main intended purpose was to convince the Jews that Jesus was the Messiah.

    Paul and Luke borrowed Mark and Matthew's Gospels to write Luke and Acts. Neither Luke nor Paul was ever a disciple or an Apostle of Jesus Christ. Acts and Luke was published as one book in 82A.D.

    The Gospel of John was published in 101A.D.

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    All the books in the New Testament were written before 70AD except the book of John, 1,2,3 John, all which were written around 96AD and Revelation written around 88-89AD. Some were written as early as 10 years after Jesus death, burial and resurrection.

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