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Best skateboard for beginners?

So I want to get back into skating. I need to be able to turn easily, as I'm going to be skating on the sidewalk mostly, considering my street is nowhere near "smooth". I also need a fast moving skateboard that can maintain said speed, because my street is also mostly flat. Other than the extremely steep hill down the road.

Anyhow, extra info on me is that I'm 5'4, 13, about 120 pounds, and I'm a size 10 1/2 shoe. I'm trying to do simple tricks such as a kick-flip or a manual, nothing too advanced. So in short, I want a fast, nice grip pre-built skateboard(as I have no knowledge of building my own) that can do simple tricks.

And no, I don't have a local skate shop, so that's out.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'll try my best to help you out here. For your interests, Here's what I'd reccomend.

    1. Deck: for your shoe size, you'll need a fairly wide deck. Prefferably between an 7.9 to 8.5 inch width. The length doesn't matter for now, you will grow a stance accoustomed to it.

    2. Griptape: as a beginner, just have someone else grip it. You can get the color of your choice.

    3. Hardware: 1 1/8 inch hardware is ideal.

    4. Trucks: Your trucks should be just as wide as your deck. Color doesn't matter. Keep the trucks loose. They're easier to turn on.

    5: Wheels: Wheels are measured in 2 ways. Diameter, and Durometer. Diameter is the size of your wheels, I'd get large wheels in your case The bigger the wheel, the less you feel bumps. Between 57-59mm. Durometer: This is the hardness of your wheel. The lower the number, the softer the wheel. Softer wheels= Slower speed but lessened bumps. Softer wheels wear out much faster than hard wheels. Hard wheels= Faster speed but you feel bumps a lot more. Harder wheels wear out much slower. Durometer is measured mainly on the A scale. 70a would be a very soft wheel, 100a would be a very hard wheel. Some wheels are measured on the b scale. The b scale measures 20a below the a scale. so a 70b wheel would be the same as a 90a wheel.

    6. Bearings: Skate bearings are all the same size. Bearings are rated in many ways. Most commonly on the ABEC scale. ABEC 3 being low quality and ABEC 9 being the highest quality.

    7. Riser pads: Riser pads go in-between your trucks and your deck. They provide a cushion to extend the life of your deck and prevent wheelebite. Some 1/10 inch shock pads will do you good.

    As far as the tricks you were looking to learn, Kickflip and manual are very high level tricks that take 3 years minimum to learn consistently. Start out with simple tricks such as ollie and shuvit.

    The best online skateshop on the internet is

    They can supply you with a great complete and also pre-grip your board for you. You can also build your own board in the skateboard customizer and they will assemble it for you so you get exactly what you want without having to build it.

    Source(s): Skating since I was 12
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  • Karen
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Deck: Plan B, Enjoi, or Almost. Trucks: Independent. Wheels: Hubba or Ricta. Bearnings: Bone Swiss, ATM, Or Element. Griptape: Shortys, Jessup, or Lucky. Hardware: Element, Zero, ATM, Or Shortys. Any Combo will be a great board. Its around $115 American money.

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