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The Google Glass.....?

Is it true that the Google Glass will be released in 2014, and will it be completely voice operated?.

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    Hi Ralph:

    The Google Glass spectacles were originally announced for a 2014 release, but earlier this year Google pushed that date forward, trying for a 2013 Christmas-shopping availability.

    Prototype models have been widely distributed via Google's "#ifihadglass" Twitter promotion, but recent patent applications that were just granted show drawings that might affect how the final consumer model will look. The price target is still around $1500 USD or less.

    Voice commands as well as gestures (similar to a Wii or Kinnect) & a forearm touchpad are how user inputs are made.

    You can read more about Google Glass in Kevin Tofel's article on GigaOM posted yesterday: and at the Google Glass homepage:

    hope this helps,

    --Dennis C.


    Source(s): Video & electronics professional. Familiar with the Google Glass project. Kevin Tofel's latest article on GigaOM: TechRadar's Feb. 2013 article announcing date change: Google Glass homepage:
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    New answer, it's actually set for a 2015 release. A new article says this:

    It's all in Spanish, so I translated the important parts to English here

    Here's the full article-

    Google Glass go on sale in 2015, the consumer version will be ready for next year.

    Google introduced an innovative product back in 2012, since then we have many wondering, Google will come When Glass for sale? While the device takes more than two years of prototype and many of the future developments are secret, there is always some slip or filtering that breaks the secrecy.

    Alongside these statements must be added to those made a partner of Google spokesman: "Luxottica is fully committed to Google and have a team working flat out to get ready to launch the device in 2015." These statements make it clear that Google Glass go on sale in 2015.

    Source(s): I'm a Glass Explorer
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