how to find a talent scout for singing?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Talent scouts were dumped in the 1990s. Producers would rather create acts than find them because they get to control the cut that way.

  • Wanda
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    4 years ago

    If you've ever watched American Idol on TV, you've seen that there are tens of thousands of people who try out for a shot at the top prize. Every one of those people truly believe that they are good singers and deserve to be famous. No doubt, you've also seen that many of those people are actually terrible singers... yet they still believe that they are star quality. Most of those people actually went out of your way to try out for the show hoping that they have a chance at getting noticed either by show producers or someone watching the show. What are the odds that a talent scout would use their valuable time to sift through the millions upon millions of YouTube videos looking for talent, when there are so many people who are willing go to great lengths to have a chance at being discovered? They drive hundreds of miles, sleep on sidewalks, wait in long lines for hours, etc. Don't count on being discovered by singing to a camera in your bedroom and posting on YouTube. If that's all the effort you are willing to exert, there are plenty of people willing trample over you to see an agent face-to-face. It takes more than a good voice to succeed, you need motivation, drive, personality, perseverance and a will to lay it on the line.

  • 6 years ago

    Just put yourself out into the field as much as possible. If you are still in school then join the plays or choir groups or what have you. The more your out expressing your talent the better a chance you will have in being scouted.

    Source(s): Some kind of deal with basketball and football scouts almost.
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