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Which should I wear to school?





i love it so much, but i feel like it's too much/ too formal for school.


skirt (same):


finn knit cardigan:

i love it as well, but it's definitely not what i wear on a daily basis. too bohemian. which do you prefer and why?

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    i agree with the stephanie chick. The skirt is fine in my eyes tho.. i feel that maxi skirts are appropriate for school. the blazer is too much for me seems like the colors would clash maybe go for a beige or like tealish colors. Not a big of the long white top but the crop top and skirt alone would look good together probably with some shade of brown sandals make it look casual. as for the cardigan its nice with the skirt but some type of tank top looking crop top not with that lace one. but yeah..

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  • 6 years ago

    To be completely honest I'm really not feeling the skirt. It looks too stiff and matronly in my opinion. Maybe something a bit more billowy? The blazer does seem a bit too much for school. I do love your choice of shirts and that cardigan though. If it has to be between the two I'd say outfit number two for sure. Very bohemian as you said but hey the 70s are coming back and it's comfortable. The thing is I wouldn't wear the cardigan over the crop top. Maybe something sleeveless beneath the cardigan or the crop top by itself if you're comfortable with that?

    I hope I helped somehow.

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  • 6 years ago

    definetly #2!!

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