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Really Epic Xbox 360 games?

I need to find really epic medieval-ish fighting games for the 360. I mean really, really epic. So epic you can take on hoards of evil demons or people and barely take a scratch.

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    Most Epic medieval themed Game so far is Elder Scroll Skyrim. That game is great RPG and probably the best RPG currently around. Graphics are very good, story line is very good and outstanding gameplay. You can select your class among many available classes and can choose Race each of one has different advantages and through out the game you can even create a multiclass build without any restrictions.

    Following games are also great games with medieval theme.

    Diablo 3

    Assassin creed series


    Kingdom of Amalur

    Witchers 2 Assassin of the kings

    Fable series

    Dragon Dogma

    Divine Divinity 2 Ego Draconis

    Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

    Dragon Age series

    Two World 2

    Here are some of the best and most popular games of Xbox 360:

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