Can somebody help me with my genealogy?

ok so my mom says that my great great grandma was native american and im really interested in finding more out about it if we are native american but i have no idea where to start with but our last name can anybody tell me if "Hawks" belongs to any known tribe or something

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    Hawks Name Meaning

    English: variant of or patronymic from Hawk.

    Hawk Name Meaning

    from Middle English hauek ‘hawk’, applied as a metonymic occupational name for a hawker (see Hawker), a name denoting a tenant who held land in return for providing hawks for his lord, or a nickname for someone supposedly resembling a hawk. There was an Old English personal name (originally a byname) H(e)afoc ‘hawk’, which persisted into the early Middle English period as a personal name and may therefore also be a source.topographic name for someone who lived in an isolated nook, from Middle English halke (derived from Old English halh + the diminutive suffix -oc), or a habitational name from some minor place named with this word, such as Halke in Sheldwich, Kent.

    Source: Dictionary of American Family Names ©2013, Oxford University Press

    I looked in this database for you:

    Dawes Commission Index, 1898-1914

    Your Search for Hawks returned zero good matches

    There are 19 people who are named "Hawks" and are Native Americans on the 1930 census. From the locations, they are from different tribes.

    (Name, parent and/or spouse, residence, approx birth year, birth state, relation to head of household)

    Anna Hawks Bay Center, Pacific, Washington abt 1845 Washington Head

    Demis P V Hawks Emma P V Ideal, Tripp, South Dakota abt 1853 South Dakota Father

    Emma P V Hawks Demis P V Ideal, Tripp, South Dakota abt 1858 South Dakota Mother

    Robert A Hawks Katie M Scott River, Siskiyou, California abt 1895 California Head

    Louis Hawks Ruby Zoe Bay Center, Pacific, Washington abt 1897 Washington Head

    Nelson Hawks Lame Deer, Rosebud, Montana abt 1900 Oklahoma Boarder

    Joseph P V Hawks Demis P V, Emma P V, Emilia P V Ideal, Tripp, South Dakota abt 1905 South Dakota Head

    Emilia P V Hawks Joseph P V Ideal, Tripp, South Dakota abt 1905 South Dakota Wife

    Lenard Hawks Bessie Bay Center, Pacific, Washington abt 1919 Washington Stepson

    Harold Hawks Bessie Bay Center, Pacific, Washington abt 1921 Washington Stepson

    Zoe A Hawks [Loe A Hawks] Louis, Ruby Zoe Bay Center, Pacific, Washington abt 1924 Washington Daughter

    Kathrina Hawks Robert A, Katie M Scott River, Siskiyou, California abt 1928 California Daughter

    Llewella Hawks [L Lolla V Hawks] Robert A, Katie M Scott River, Siskiyou, California abt 1929 California Daughter

    Mortimer Plenty Hawks Flora School District 29, Big Horn, Montana abt 1896 Montana Head

    Flora Plenty Hawks Mortimer School District 29, Big Horn, Montana abt 1900 Montana Wife

    Esther Plenty Hawks Mortimer, Flora School District 29, Big Horn, Montana abt 1919 Montana Daughter

    Effy Plenty Hawks Mortimer, Flora School District 29, Big Horn, Montana abt 1921 Montana Daughter

    Lucy Plenty Hawks Mortimer, Flora School District 29, Big Horn, Montana abt 1926 Montana Daughter

    Anna M Plenty Hawks Mortimer, Flora School District 29, Big Horn, Montana abt 1929 Montana Daughter

    Write to me via my profile if any of this isn't clear.

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    Start by searching resolved questions for "family tree free" or "tracing ancestry". There's loads of questions with detailed instructions. The instructions don't vary by family, but the resources will vary depending on when and where your ancestors were from.

    The BIA has a great research guide for Native American ancestry.

    Cyndi's list is also helpful:

    Hawks is an English surname. That doesn't mean your ancestors were English. For Native Americans It just means that the people and government that forced them to take surnames were English-speaking. Yep, that means the surname could appear in any one of the several hundred federally recognized tribes. Look for your ancestors as individuals, not for families and tribes by surnames.

    Having a documented ancestor that was Native American does not make you Native American. It makes you someone whose ancestor was Native American. There's a difference and it's one that many Native Americans take seriously.

    Without documentation you have a family legend. Many family legends turn out to be false upon further research. Native American is a red flag that your family may be in that group. Usually if true the ancestor's tribe is passed down and known in thr oral history. This isn't always the case, but just to let you know your journey may or may not take you where you expect.

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    As others have already stated very well how to research. I just want to point out if your last name is "Hawks" you got that from your father. Only you will have the maiden name "Hawks". Your mother has a different maiden name as do all your female relatives on both sides. So when your mother says a great grandmother of yours, is she talking about her side of the family or your fathers. That is why you gather documents to discover names and places of births, marriages and deaths.

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    Sure. I can help.

    Lesson one: you are not looking for a surname. You are looking for PERSONS. Always. You do not start with the last name, you start with yourself, the present.

    Identify your parents..USING DOCUMENTATION. IE, your birth certificate. Next, validate your parents with their birth certificates. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    For every person, there will be DIFFERENT RECORDS. Birth certificates are not online, you should have them at home. If someone is dead, use death certificates as well (you may have to order those from the state).

    When you get prior to 1940, the persons normally are going to be in the census (see, one of many free sites). You find more info there. There often are other records online..but don't rely on online, and don't rely on just one site/ source.

    You will start having details about each person. You will have grandma's residence, birth/death, parents, etc. If she in fact was Native American, it will show up in those documents. The huge odds are that she wasn't.. 99% of family stories about NA are incorrect. What you WILL HAVE is documentation of who she (and others) REALLY were.

    When you get stuck on specific person or records, post here. We are free. The more you are exact, the better we can help.

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    Sure.......... the process is the same regardless of who your ancestors are .... you ALWAYS start from known information and work back.. so you start with your self and prove who you are , which mean your own birth cert which is at home, genealogy is not about surname hunting, it is about facts from real records and proving each and every person, connecting them back tothe next generation......... so your own birth cert, proves you and connects back and proves your parents, their marriage cert proves them and connects back and proves your grandparents so back to the next generation...these are only 2 records which you already have at home and you have already proved 3 generations, that is how genealogy works thiswill help you find those records and all of them are easily available and free, once you get back to 1940 you can start looking at the US census which connect family groups living in the same house, it also gives 'race' you look back each ten years and see what your ancestors are documented as 'indian', white' etc these are free and available on, once you find/if you find an ancestor registered as 'indian' then you need to look on the NA rolls to find which he/she is registered with, these are on the first website I gave you on the links page at the bottom of the page on accessgenealogy and also are free to search.......... BUT don't try to 'short cut' and look for a surname as lots of unrelated people have the same names, so you first need to prove you are related to the person you are looking for ..........................

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