Why do you believe in your political party? Do you never see how corrupt they both are?

Just a few observations of mine are these...

When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA? All the republicans agreed that he was absolutely right. It was good for the country. Since then? We have lost so many jobs, and wages are so bad that we have a nation on food stamps.

When George Bush took us into a phony war in Iraq? Halliburton was mysteriouly hired to go into Iraq and do the jobs that the military is completely capable of doing and has always done. Halliburton made an amazing fortune at the taxpayer's expense while our American troops went without body armor. For most of that time? Democrats kept their mouths shut.

One week before George Bush was reelected? A mysterious video of Osama bin Laden surfaced. He warned us all that we'd better not vote to reelect George Bush. It was a beautiful example of reverse psychology in action. It worked. Osama bin Laden faded away...

Then? Barack Obama claims that we killed Osama bin Laden. There is no body, and there is no proof. We just accepted that ridiculous story and got on with our lives.

Osama bin Laden has been used to get two presidents from opposing political parties reelected.

Now we have Obama, Kerry, McCain and John Boehner agreeing that we should help Al Queda, Hezbollah and Hamas in Syria.

How can you still believe in your political party?


Doktor Evil Troll - I've heard that they want to test the moon's effects on idiots. Maybe you should apply for the job?

Update 2:

Needful Sinner - I would LOVE to buy higher-priced goods that are made in America. NAFTA made that impossible. Now I buy window fans with electrical cords that curl up and pull themselves out of the wall sockets. I've spent good money on a room heater that exploded into flames the first time I used it. Then we have recurring worries about what we feed our pets. Pet food made overseas is killing dogs and cats all over the place. What did we expect? China kills cats as health hazards, and Chinese farmers raise dogs for their fur. I would LOVE to buy higher-priced goods. Can we please bring back our middle-class jobs??? Those jobs even had healthcare benefits!

Update 3:

Needful Sinner - Do you not see how "whacked" it is when a Canadian attacks me for my stance on Nafta? When a Canadian thinks it was unfair how American tariffs protected the American people with decent paying jobs? I suppose you Canadians do nothing to protect your jobs, and the welfare of your people? This is ridiculous. I'm arguing with a Canadian over an American problem that Americans have been forced to live with. What's wrong with THIS picture???

Update 4:

Carlos M - Your answer is too extreme for me. However, I agree with term limits. We should also have term limits on senators and congressmen and women. No one should be elected to the Supreme Court for life. A multi-national corporation is NOT a person. They should never have been allowed to donate all the money they want to in campaign contributions. If we are going to have lobbyists? Force them to have lobbyists for both sides of every issue. I also agree that the first 4 years of every presidency is nothing but a fund-raiser for the next 4 years.

Update 5:

Cryptic - I watch a lot of documentaries about countries all over the world. One that I watched was called "Tell Me and I Will Forget." It was about paramedics trying to save lives in an almost hopeless situation. Your country is very beautiful, but the crime there is so bad? It's hard to believe. I believe everything you are saying, and my heart goes out to you. Greed and corruption comes in all colors, and will always conquer a nation where it is allowed to grow and fester. I am including America in those statements.

Update 6:

To The Slenderman and Scott - The problem with being Independent is that we still vote for a democrat or a republican. Americans have been brainwashed into thinking that our vote is WASTED when we don't vote for one of those 2 corrupt parties. No one ever dares to think outside the box. We might not get something better, but we couldn't do worse.

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    7 years ago
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    Atleast your living in a developed country (with the assumption that you are from US). You should stay in South Africa for a few days. We've got crooks everywhere! The police is even turning into their own criminal organization (I've heard cases were police are turning into a lawless squad of their own)! The country is turning into a melt down The government even makes comments which you would expect from a minor. He can't even plan and prioritise the major problems of the country. And to add to this, he won't even educate the poorer communities because he is afraid that they will know what he is doing is full of idiocracy. They are basically brain washed. I'm so sick and tired of this third world governance. I'm barely trying to make it. I'm a second year engineering student. I don't think I will make it to third year coz I'm struggling to find a job. Whatever jobs there are, it's being given to black people. The unemployment rate has sky rocketed recently, which adds more to my problem. I also watched the news and saw that our municipality had more unqualified (corrupt) audits than clean audits. I'm tired of this. I'm also planning on leaving. I can't stay in this country. There is burglaries in my district everyday. There's a lot of rivalry here as well. Taxi associations are firing their guns at each other (literally) everyday. I'm so afraid to even open my house window. We diddn't have electricity for 3 whole days due to cable theft..... But all the government can do is sing and dance on tv and make multi million upgrades to his home. Upgrades which he DOES NOT even need. He sings racially slurred songs about killing white people. He even disbanded an anti-criminal organization called the Scorpions (equivalent of the FBI and CIA). Apparently they had criminal chrages against the president. The president decided to shut them up by disbanding them. Now we got a 'micky mouse' organization called the 'hawks'. A couple few millions will keep their lips zipped.

    I just hope and pray that god will one day reverse all this. I never wanted to leave this country. All my friends and family live here.

    Source(s): "If god wanted us to have leaders, He would've given us leaders"
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    "When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA? All the republicans agreed that he was absolutely right. It was good for the country. Since then? We have lost so many jobs, and wages are so bad that we have a nation on food stamps."

    *waves from Canada*

    With all due respect you do need to learn a bit more about your own country.

    Canada produces cheap lumber, we always have... it was so cheap it was a top seller even in the USA. No fair said the USA lumber barons, they're putting our guys out of work!!!

    Did the US lumber industry get more competative - of course not.

    Despite 'free trade' they slap a trade levy on Canadian imports... artificially infflating the price.


    The USA gets to trumpet how they are saving US jobs... and you the comsumer gets to pay more for things you do't have to... while Canada says fine and sells the cheap stuff you said no to [in favour of the exact same but more expensive] to China instead... as you wonder why your economy is wacked.

    Back when OPEC was screwing the USA with oil embargoes and price gouging they literally had the USA over a barrel... gas shortages, stations without a drop of fuel, it was bad.

    So the USA learns, gets smart - starts importing from Canada...

    Fact is Canada is the USA chief importer of all energy from oil to electricity to uranium, throw in fresh water and some other goodies you don't have enough of to provide your own selves with...


    And that's a bad thing?

    Please... if you don't like NAFTA buy your stuff at a higher price elsewhere then :)

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    7 years ago

    Yes I see that and why I say we need to demand 6 year term limits for all politicians, when people are elected they devote their time to getting reelected and if that is eliminated we could clean up a lot of the problems, we also need to demand an end to lobbing and if a politician is caught breaking the law thus the trust, execute them instead of a year at club fed.

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    7 years ago

    Because I don't believe in obscure conspiracy theories based on thin air and personal prejudice against anything mainstream. I believe in the moon landings too - do you?

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  • Scott
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    7 years ago

    I also have been and always will be like Slenderman an independent

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