How do you make steam that lasts a long time?

I'm planning on doing this costume for Halloween that involves a mug that is always steaming and I want it to be authentic.

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  • Honey
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    7 years ago
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    Steam, of course, forms when water is heated above 100 degrees C or 212 degrees F. Steam will condense as soon as the temperature drops.

    For purposes of your costume, you need an insulated coffee mug with a lid. That will keep boiling water hot, relative to the outside evening temperatures for quite awhile and cause a little water vapor to come out of the drinking hole in the lid.

    As an alternative, you could place a chunk of dry ice in the bottom of the mug and add a few drops of water whenever you want some "steam". If won't be real steam of course but as the dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) reacts with water it gives off a vapor that certainly looks like steam..

    Dry ice can sometimes be purchased from ice creme wholesalers. Be very careful not to touch it with bare skin because it instantly freezes skin and causes pain and skin damage.

  • 7 years ago

    I would not use dry ice unless you only need it to be steaming for a few minutes - you'd need to keep replacing it, and that would require carrying an insulated container with dry ice to recharge the mug.

    Short of building a battery-powered heating element system inside of a mug in order to boil a small amount of water, there's no easy way to accomplish a steaming mug effect.

    One way I created a "steaming mug" effect was to get some polyester fiber like they sell at craft stores for creating pillows and cushions. If you pull the fibers up into a thin, wispy shape, it looks very much like steam, and it will actually move around in the breeze a little just like steam.

    But the best part of it is, while it looks a little like a steaming mug, it looks just plain funny because on closer inspection, it's obviously not real. Looking funny = laughs from the lookers, and isn't that really more fun that spending a lot of effort and $$ to have real steam?

  • Alison
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    7 years ago

    You need to use dry ice. Research it on line so you understand how to handle it properly. You need to look around your area to find someone who carries it.

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