My Mexico World Cup 2014 Squad?

World cup Squad : 2014 23 man squad

Goalkeepers: Ochoa,Corona,Orozco

Fowards: Chicharito Hernandez, Giovani Dos Santos,Angel Reyna, Guardado, Carlos Vela, Tecatito Corona,

Oribe Peralta, Javier Aquino

Midfield: Luis Montes, Marco Fabian, Chaco , Hector Herrera, Torrado, Fernando Arce

Defenders: Hector Moreno, Maza, Diego Reyes, Mier, Torres Nilo, Salcido,



Mier - Reyes - Moreno - Torres Nilo

-Hector Herrera/Arce - Chaco-

-Giovani- -Vela- -Reyna/Tecatito/Guardado-


Why you ask?

I would really put maza over reyes, Every team needs 1 big strong man in the team. But in this case, Torres Nilo would do the job.

Hector Herrera is a fast pace placer, Chaco is the PLAY MAKER OF THE TEAM as always has proven to be one since he started vs. IC.

Giovani with his great skills. I would personally love to add barrera to the squad but in this case,Tecatito has to be in here.

The great young skill this player has needs to join this squad for the amazing dribbling skills he has. Although, Reyna. The experianced player

at veracruz has shown to be a player to not mess with. With his high scores in the Liga MX. He has proven himself.

Vela, The best mexican player that currently exist. Has to be in there..Personally. El tri has to much talent. They just attempt to put it together.

I personally think Vela is a great player. I would honestly place him as ST and remove Oribe. But in this case, He can be a play maker also with his talent..

Oribe Perleta has proven to be a great player. I rather would have a player with skill then lacking chicharito at manchester United. Don't get me strong.

Chicharito is a great player, but he lacks many skills.

Ochoa/Corona can go fight for the squad right now. I personally pick corona but as his attempts to get the ball in the last two qualifiers. Its time for Ochoa to

take these last 2 WCQ.

I personally pick this squad to take on the likes of Spain,Italy,USA,etc.

This squad will give trouble to others.

Now mexico has a simlier squad playing right now but they lack confidence. I believe Vucetich will rise the club.

We'll see soon.:]

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sooooo much

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Vucetich will help Mexico qualify to the World Cup.

    And that squad has a great offense position by the way

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  • 7 years ago

    I would add a right back to your defense to back up talking about guty estrada

    But dude you made me laugh when you said this squad can take the likes of italy and spain lol,

    i like your forwards but your midfield sucks a lot, the only good midfielders you added are torrado, Fabian, arce, and chaco......i would take out troncos luis montes and hector herrera, and chaco gimenez(as mentioned before is a good midfielder but he isnt a real mexican). And to replace them i would add andres guardado, jesus zavala, and edgar andrade

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    World cup team is for me will be different from the one we see this year...

    2014 should look like this:

    Mier - Reyes - Moreno - Torres Nilo

    Giovani-Hector Herrera/Jonathan Dos Santos-Tecatito

    Raul Jimenez

    i know ur like wtf Raul Jimenez..I have a good feeling about him just like i had with Reyes and Moreno before anyone knew about him...

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  • 7 years ago

    Mexico isn't going to the WC, but always fun to dream I guess...

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  • i like it, lets see if tecatito can make it to the senior club, but first, mexico has to qualify.

    @cau lol andrade? torrado? lolol no. thats horrible. guardado sucks now, he can't do sh*t

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  • 7 years ago

    It has too much offense

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  • Jj Be
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    Need more defenders.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    lol mexico is not going to the world cup :)

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