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Song name at the begining of the movie Tonight You're Mine?

What is the song they are sining in the car at the very begining?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Here is the whole soundtrack----

    You Instead (Accoustic Version)

    Written by Luke Treadaway

    Performed by The Make

    Upside Down

    Written by Love/Jorgensen/Humble/Faith

    Performed by Paloma Faith

    The Golden Rule

    Written by Simon Alexander Neil

    Performed by Biffy Clyro


    Written by E. Lay/ R. Leutch/ T.Smith/ C. Urbanowicz

    Performed by The Editors

    Heavy Cross

    Written by M. Patterson/ N. Howdershell/ H Billie

    Performed by Gossip

    I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

    Written by Charles Stobo Raid/ Craig Morris Raid

    Performed by The Proclaimers

    Gone in the Morning

    Written by Newton Faulkner & Toby Faulkner

    Performed by Newton Faulkner

    Dirty Pink

    Written by Natalia Tena/ Brian McAlpine/ Ged Grimed

    Performed by The Dirty Pinks

    Tainted Love

    Written by Cobb

    Performed by the Make and The Dirty Pinks

    Give It A Go

    Written by Natalia Tena/ Brian McAlpine/ Ged Grimed

    Performed by The Dirty Pinks

    Show Me The Light

    Written by Rees, William Blaise Benwell (CA)/ Harrison, Henry William

    Performs by Mystery Jets


    Written by Adam Wiles © 2006

    Performed by Calvin Harris


    Written and produced by Lee Softley

    Performed by Blue Amazon

    Freaky Freaky Raving

    Written by Ziggy Campbell

    Performed by FOUND

    La La Land

    Written by Curtis Jones

    Performes by Green Velvet

    The Good Times Are Killing Me

    Writtend by Brock/Gallard/Judy

    Performed by Modest Mouse

    Get What You Paid 4! (Marco Balley Remix)

    Written by Carl Cox, Nell McLellan & Sam Spracling aka Salfron

    The Black Sun

    Written by Jo Mango

    Performed by Jo Mango

    Keep Yourself Warm

    Written by Hutchison/Hutchinson/Kennedy

    Performed by Frightened Rabbit

    If I Don't Belong

    Written by Jenny Reeves

    Performed by Strike the Colours

    No Cigarettes

    Written by Dan Willson

    Produced by Kramer

    Performed by Withered Hand

    Dark Energy

    Written by Eugene Kelly

    Performed by The Make


    Written by Paolo Giovanni Nutini

    Performed by Paolo Nutini

    Black Crow

    Written by Eugene Kelly and Luke Treadaway

    Performed by The Make

    Tainted Love (1976 Recording)

    Written by Cobb

    Performed by Gloria Jones

    Mapped by What Surrounded Them

    Written by Macfarlane/Graham/Devine/Orzel

    Performed by 'The Twilight Sad'


    Source(s): IMB
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