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What is the difference between iPhone 5,iPhone 5c iPhone 5S?

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    iPhone 5 is the same as iPhone 5C only thing is the iPhone 5C is made out of plastic.

    Ignore the first answer. iPhone 5s is 2X AS FAST as the iPhone 5(c) and NOT SLIGHTLY. Also, the iPhone 5s is the first mobile phone with a 64 bit processor. iPhone 5s also has fingerprint, dual flash, and a better camera.

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    The iPhone 5 and 5c are basically the exact same phone but with a color plastic backing. The new 5s has a better camera, dual led flash for better shots, faster processor which is 64 bit and the first of any phone to have it, a motion processor to track fitness, and a fingerprint scanner on the home button. By the way, a 64 bit processor can manage more memory than a traditional 32 bit processor on phones and it is faster. So the 5s is better but I think the iPhone 5 is a better buy because it is still very quick, great camera, and it has a more premium feel to it than the iPhone 5c. But if money is no option, the get the 5s.

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    Between the iPhone 5 & 5c

    -bigger battery

    -plastic design

    Between the 5c & 5s

    -bigger battery

    -improved rear camera, with slow motion option & dual (different color) LED to improve low light

    -fingerprint scanner

    -better graphics processor

    -new motion processor

    -better & 1st 64-bit processor for a phone

  • Ryu
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    7 years ago

    iPhone 5 is same as iPhone 5c, except iPhone 5c is made of plastic.

    iPhone 5s is just SLIGHTLY faster than iPhone 5, and has a fingerprint scanner, and 64 bit processor. And a larger flash

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  • Sam
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    7 years ago

    The 5S hardware is twice as fast and is 64bit (and it is the only 64bit smartphone on the market today). It also has the aluminum casing and fingerprint access which is what I like. I also like that you dont even press the home button (wont wear it out) as the fingerprint is automatically recognized when you just put it over it.

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    Absolutely nothing... they're all the same phone. One is coated in colored plastic, the other has a new fingerprint sensor... waste of money and a disappointment for a new phone.

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