Why does Taylor have lots of Grammy awards if she can't sing?

I'm not an anti. Definitely a solid fan. She's improved a lot, she's a great performer,she's super talented but a lot of people hate her. They should not hate on the person. They can hate on her music but they can't judge her personal life and relate it to her career. Answer me,why.

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    I'll preface this first my answer will be one of the longest if not the longest.

    On one point Obscenity, is on the mark. But this goes for any major Award that is from the industry such as the Grammy Awards Oscars, Emmy Awards, and so forth. The entertainment industry and specifically in this case with the music industry, concentrates on a specific targeted age demographic group. From about twelve to twenty one. Those older than that start getting discounted, and more heavily after thirty one. Those past fourty aren't even considered worthy of thought by the executives in the recording industry.

    The Grammy Awards are not voted on by the general public, were it done in equal numbers for every age demographic, I doubt that very many who did win, who fit the current target group would have won as many as they did. One artist who won asked to the effect what did their winning a Grammy really mean. At one time winning such an award had meaning, but now it's more about popularity or perceived popularity within a designated age group, and now having little to do with talent.

    In short of all the Grammy Awards, there might be only maybe a few still retain any degree of value. Such as the Lifetime Achievement, the Pioneer Award, and maybe the Grammy Hall of Fame Award.

    Which there are a number of very highly eligible candidates deserving of for what they did, level achieved and longevity of their career. Something that the industry no longer cares about. However beyond that they have lost their value, and luster. Having become little more than trinkets, or baubles to sit on a shelf. The only value they have otherwise is to the recording agency in being able to promote the artist to the age group they selected. But once they artist is seen as to old, or no longer viable to sell to that selected age group, the money spent on promoting the, starts to drop, and so too does the odds of winning such awards.

    So what does all those Grammy Awards really prove in the end? Not much if one is to be truly honest, having lost their original value, and not representing beyond a selected small age group. Most of the winners are forgotten about, not long after winning the award. Only those who follow very close can tell you if their favorite won or not. Beyond that maybe a few of those who follow the Grammy Awards (or any of the others, anything going back more than five years, and you will find hard to find someone that can list up to ten different winners. That might even includes those who handed them out, or received one.

    So again it shows that winning a Grammy has less to do with talent, and what gets the nod from upstairs to promote, and then is selected as a candidate for the Gammy Award. Then with the industry having lost touch with music fans of all ages, has further devalued what were once coveted awards. I've seen teenagers on here, and what they have said, tells me that they consider such awards now as being either a farce, or even a joke, if not both. Winning an award for something that has lost meaning the award then becomes meaningless. Such has become the case with the Grammy Awards.

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    I'm guessing you are still a teenager or so. The Grammy Awards, like all awards, aren't about talent. Look up some of the artists who DON'T have a Grammy and recognize how much talent is there. Instead these awards are about having the best PR crew OR the politics. Some people never win because they upset the people who vote on the awards.

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    As was said....the Grammys don't mean anything. Look at the history of them. Jethro Tull for best Metal/Hard Rock Performance? Milli Vanilli? The list is endless. It's all about the money and no more about talent. Taylor is a very talented song writer, but she can't sing live. And stage shows are just that "shows" and she is purely there for show.

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    7 years ago

    Sadly, I have to agree with Obscenity.

    I love Taylor, and her singing has definitely improved (or the autotune quality has increased, ha), but the Grammys don't exactly award the best artists with the most awards.

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  • 7 years ago

    I think it's because of all the little kids who are obsessed with her so they convince their parents to vote. This is why I stopped watching all country music award shows because Taylor seems to win everything when artists like Miranda Lambert or Carrie Underwood deserve these awards much more than Taylor does. Sorry, I'm net bashing Taylor, I'm just saying that I don't think it is fair to other artists who have much better songs about real life.

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    Because Grammys aren't inherently related to quality.

  • 7 years ago

    She's one of the few who don't use autotune and writes her own songs, not that I'm a fan, but that counts for something in mainstream music.

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