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Does my friend have dissociative identity disorder?

Hi guys!

My friend, call her K, has 'DID'. I personally do not believe it, nor does anyone else, but who knows. She has about 7 of them (all whom she named), they have their own rooms in her mind and they can wish for anything they want in there, they have their weeks where they go 'crazy' (she started 'hallucinating'), and she can change in and out of them when she pleases.

I was talking to her one time, and she was Izzy. Izzy apparently is a 23 year old party girl who wishes for alcohol shots in her bedroom. Her voice is all high pitched and annoying. Suddenly, this girl from my class comes up and asks K a question, and Izzy started acting exactly like her! Izzy said everyone has good impressions of K.

She also sees these things called 'piskies' (pixies are evil) and she can see them above everyone's head, but only the ones that are 'sane'. Her best friend who's a dude also has DID, and her boyfriend too, and her friends with benefits.

What's going on!?

And one of her personalities is evil, and takes over her hand and writes mean things to her, and takes over her mouth and says mean things.:/

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    People freak out over their own thoughts. I have all kinds of thoughts. My thoughts are often in voices other than my own and have been since forever and it's never been a problem but I can imagine someone going "oh my god that sounds like someone else" freaking themselves out and then treating their thoughts as voices or even as other people. That is how people go crazy, they freak out over their own thoughts. There's a reason genius and insanity correlate so strongly. The more genius the more diversity and variety of the sorts of thoughts a person will have and more of a risk of the person freaking out over it.

    I used to have a lot of anxiety because of my confusion over verbal constructs like "self-esteem" which I made too real in my head. My mom stressed that thoughts create reality so I obsessed over having the right thoughts thinking I had to in order to accomplish anything (good reason why parents shouldn't push New Age babble on their kids!) and freaking myself out because I was always mentally asking myself if I was confident or not and avoiding things if I had even the slightest thought passing through my head that was negative because I thought then I wouldn't be able to do it. I also obsessively "searched my subconscious" which naturally lead me to find what I was looking for "negative thoughts". That was because sometimes I would say confident things in my head and things still didn't turn out well and my mom said "you can't fool the Universe" which I assumed meant my subconscious. And I'd worry if I even had a passing thought saying anything, I became obsessed over the content of my own thoughts and was in constant anxiety.

    You'd be surprised how many mental health problems stem from the feel-goody gobbledy-**** parents push on their kids. All I needed was reality and that's it. She would talk about her beliefs in a way that made me feel like I had to buy in or be unhappy yet it was keeping me unhappy.

    For one thing I've realized it's easier and more effective for me to deal with my mind through my behavior rather than through my thoughts. And I knew this intuitively before she inserted the psycholinguistic equivalent of a computer virus into my brain with her nonsense. I got straight As in elementary school and then she tells me this crap and screws me up and I only really confidently come out of these thought patterns at the end of college and I'm mad because otherwise I would've had a better GPA. I feel like my life was robbed with her well-intentioned nonsense.

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