What type of Doctor is needed to certify your pet as an Emotional Support Animal for a med disability?

I have 3 medical conditions that are directly affected by stress. I am looking for "Pet friendly" housing with no luck and it was suggested I make my cat an Emotional Service Animal. What type of documentation or dr's note do I require? And what type of Doctor? A Medical or Behavioral health doctor?




discussed below, emotional support animals are not covered under laws

that apply specifically to service animals, but may be allowed to accompany

individuals in housing as “reasonable accommodations” or “reasonable

modifications” for the individual’s disability.


Housing is covered under federal law in the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

Under the FHA, landlords and homeowners’ associations must make

reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.

Q:If my housing complex has a “no-pets” policy, must my landlord

or homeowners’ association allow me to keep my animal in my


A: Housing providers must make exceptions to a “no-pets” policy to permit persons

with disabilities to use and live with a service or emotional support animal

as a reasonable accommodation. There is no requirement that the

animal be specially trained; however, the animal must provide a disability related benefit to the individual with a disability

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Found that online....

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    Your yearly letter from social security is your proof that you are disabled. The need for an animal to handle living with your disability is documented by a psychiatrist, normal doctors are not qualified to diagnose or treat mental health disabilities.

    Under current law (I think you looked at something old) ESA's are NOT assistant animals and do NOT have to be allowed into housing. There was a great deal o fraud for awhile, non-disabled people claiming their pets were ESA's, so the laws got changed.

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