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How do people call themselves SEC fans?

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    Not all fans of an SEC school are "SEC fans". However, fans of a particular school get upset when someone comes down on the conference. It's the only conference where this happens. Nobody lumps them together with the generic "SEC fan", fans of a singular school within the SEC lump themselves together with them. Rarely do you see an Alabama fan or an Ole Miss fan simply defend their school and instead try and fail to defend the conference, then get upset and question why people lump them together with the bandwagon fan.

    They want those things to stop, stop defending the conference as a whole and instead defend your school. Stop scheduling FCS opponents so often, and stop jumping on the success of Alabama or LSU. Many SEC fans try to claim dominance over college football for what another school did. The conference didn't win the football title, Alabama did. The conference went 6-3 in bowl games. No other conference has fans that act like that. Didn't hear Pac-12 fans praising the Pac-12 for UCLA winning the baseball title. Didn't hear Big East fans praising the Big East for Louisville winning the basketball title.

    Yes Colonel Reb, just about everyone does it, however not in November and not EVERY school in the conference. Out of the power conferences, you will usually see 10 to 12 schools who will have one. The SEC year in and year out has every member schedule 1 of those games. But thank you for also proving my point. Didn't need to go far either.

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    I've never met a single one of these "SEC fans," at least not the way the term is usually used on the Internet. I'm not one to cheer for other teams very much but I do get the idea if the conference as a whole is doing good it benefits everyone in the long run. But I can't generally bring myself to care that much. When it comes to bowl season I'd rather Ole Miss wins their bowl game and everyone else loses than vice versa. For what it's worth, I know very few people who want their biggest rivals to win, even if they do want the conference overall to do good.

    But from what I can see, people do the whole "SEC" thing for one reason: we're all grouped together when it comes to the negativity from the haters. It is rather ironic--and hypocritical, really-- when the same people who complain about "SEC fans" have attacked the conference as a whole and grouped everyone in. So the SEC is a collective when it comes to the negatives, but not the positives?

    I think the SEC hate in many cases goes beyond sports though. It's not entirely rare for people to go straight for the typical Southern insults (trailer trash, rednecks, etc.) when discussing the SEC. People on this site are a LITTLE better than they are in many places about not doing that (when ESPN had open message boards just about every thread about an SEC school had haters attacking the South) but it does happen sometimes.

    And for goodness sakes, it's time to stop the cheaters claims. Look at schools who are on probation now and see where they're located (I'll let Penn St. slide here, as that was an entirely different issue).

    Thank you Nathan for proving my post for me. I didn't need to go looking for examples after all, once practically fell into my lap.

    By the way, almost everybody plays an FCS opponent this year. I've already asked a question about what makes the SEC scheduling so much worse than everyone else's. Not one person was able to explain. You had your chance to do it. Nobody did.

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    It's better than being fans of any other conference.... Why do fans of teams in other conferences so worried about the SEC and their fans.. People have a choice to root for anything they want.. People should tend to their own little red wagons and not worry so much about what other people do.... The world would be a better place....

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    Their favorite team plays in the SEC and/or they were born in the south eastern region of the US. Some may hop on the bandwagon and rightfully so, the conference is unarguably the best in college football in almost any way you look at it.

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    SEC is a bunch of cheaters

  • 7 years ago

    Because the ACC sucks.

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