What exactly is a medical mart?

What is it? What are some pros and cons of medical marts?

I can't find a definition or information on it anywhere so if you have a reference please leave it as a link!

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    Cleveland medical mart: Has strategy changed? Does anybody know?

    Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert calls medical mart site a mistake, points to Detroit's downtown.

    Read more: http://medcitynews.com/2011/10/cleveland-medical-m...

    Providing exceptional service and quality medical products to the Canadian health care industry for over 30 years, Medical Mart is more than just a distribution company. We deliver innovative solutions for today’s leading health care providers. Solutions that enable enhanced patient care and improved clinical outcomes. Solutions that drive effective cost management and provide efficient access to the health care products you need, when you need them


    Medical Mart is a Canadian owned family company that sells brand name equipment and supplies to health care professionals. The president of the company, Robert G. West founded the company more than 30 years ago, and has since grown rapidly with now over 50,000 customers. I will provide you with the best website resources in regards to this company and one resource to avoid.

    1.Medical Mart website – As is the case for most company, their official website would be the number one resource for information on them. The reason I chose their site is because they have a very thorough website with a lot of information. They also have a list of products in their catalogues, and offer customers the opportunity to shop online. (www.medimart.com)

    2.Better Business Bureau – The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a company that helps consumers make informed choices about various companies. The Medical Mart Supplies store has been given a rating of A+ by the BBB. This link will give you more information on the reasons why the company has received such a good rating


    How does a Medical Mart work?

    The Medical Mart would work similarly to other Mart properties throughout the country. It would be a permanent showroom facility for medical manufacturers who currently travel to several medical tradeshows each year and can afford to purchase a permanent space in the showroom. This would allow these major manufacturers the ability to build out state-of-the-art exhibits, beyond what they are able to do affordably when traveling to various tradeshows throughout the country. The idea would then be to bring various medical meetings and tradeshows to Cleveland. While medical manufacturers would still be required to travel to other tradeshows throughout the year, this would allow them to show off their best state-of-the-art exhibits to a rotating group of meeting attendees annually while saving money on travel, set-up and tear-down of their exhibits. Additionally, each medical meeting would have the opportunity to utilize temporary exhibit space within the exhibit hall of the new Convention Center. For the many smaller manufacturers of medical devices, biotechnology and biomedical products located regionally and in Northeast Ohio, this would allow them exposure to a national marketplace by setting up temporary exhibits at meetings as they relate to each product’s niche or specialty. With this set-up, exhibits can range in size and scope from the smallest of catheters to full operating rooms or MRI’s.

    Based on MMPI’s presentation, “In analyzing the 571 tradeshows, we recognized the important role that the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve and other major medical assets in Cleveland can play through personal leadership.

    It is fairly easy to quickly identify 15 tradeshows in which Cleveland Clinic executives sit on the board of directors of associations, and are therefore in a great position to influence the location decisions for these associations’ annual tradeshow.”

    The Cleveland Clinic, University Hospital, Case Western Reserve University, SUMMA and Metrohealth will all play an important role in the success of this project, both by driving medical meetings to Cleveland with whom they have an existing relationship, in addition to providing a level of input and expertise regarding the high-tech equipment displayed in the Medical Mart showrooms. People from around the world already visit the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital to see beta-test versions of the latest equipment in action.

    Expoweb’s article State of the Exhibition Industry: Medical and Healthcare states “The forecast for this sector continues to look positive. There’s currently an increase in biomedical research generating a plethora of new drugs and medical devices — all of which are ideally suited to be marketed at exhibitions. There’s also a healthy demand for educational sessions in which doctors and scientists can learn the latest techniques and exchange ideas.”

    The Medical Mart, in conjunction with a new Convention Center, would take advantage of the existing strengths of the Medical and Healthcare meetings sector.

    Source(s): College Career Instructor
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    I live in near Cleveland Ohio. Cleveland Clinic is our largest hospital and also medical provider around here. Cleveland is building a medical mart near the main campus. The campus is on the east side which also is in the bad section of Cleveland. However, the care is amazing from Cleveland Clinic.

    Here is some information I got from the Plain Dealer about the Medical Mart.

    The medical mart is part of a $465 million, taxpayer-financed convention complex. The mart, designed to lure doctors and hospital administrators to see new medical technology and take continuing-education classes, has five other paying tenants: Philips Healthcare, GE Healthcare, Johnson Controls, the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals.

    It is somewhat of a convention/research facility for a major hospital such as the Clinic.

    I wish I would have been able to bring my mother here 25 years ago. She went to a backwards local for profit hospital which did little for her cancer. The treatment was so antiquated that the doctor from Roswell or now Sloan Kettering advised us not to let her leave there.

    The backwards hospital used radiation on her female cancer and basically baked her kidneys. She died not from cancer but kidney failure.

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