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Girl said she wants to focus on her LSAT and will think about it. What does this mean?

I met this girl who i was really attracted to. After talking to her she and i had a lot of similarities and the mood of us two talking seems perfect. She even gave me signs that she was interested in me. So I took her on a date to the local park and we sat on the benches and talked. We had an awesome time and again the mood of us talking was perfect.However, when I asked her out she said not right now because I have LSATS to focus on. So I asked her do you want me to give you time to think about it? She said yeah.

What should i do? Continue talking to her? Still be her friend? Somebody please me give me worthy advice. I'm heartbroken at the moment. By the way we both are in college and shes going to graduate sooner then I am



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    I would just stick around and be there for her during the stress. She's studying for THE LSATs, that is the biggest determining factor in her life right now. If she does splendidly, then she could get into any law school, if she doesn't, then her life will be even more stressed because she will either have to retake them or settle for a school that isn't her dream school.

    Work with her and offer to help her study, she would appreciate that a lot. And you should still talk to her. Once she is done with her LSATs, she will be free more often.

    I'm going to be taking the LSAT in a few years (i just started college, I'm a pre-law major) and if a guy helped me study for the LSAT, I would be forever grateful.

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    You pretty much called the shots both times you ended it, possibly making her feel like she didn't have much say in what was going on. The best thing to do is let her make the choices this time. Tell her exactly what you want, and then for the love of soup--stick to it, or you will lose her on strike three. Ask what she wants, and tell her you respect her to have a say in where the relationship goes now. She gave you a second chance already and probably feels like she might get burned again. She's already agreeing to see you, and she's talking to you, so that's a great sign. Don't rush her, or make her feel like you're calling the shots once again. Make her feel special enough that she has a say also. Women like explanations, so if you tell her why it didn't work the first couple of times and you're reasons seem pretty valid, she will like to know that it's not her--it was just bad timing.

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    Worst thing you can do Sam is continue trying to be a friend and talk to her when she is trying to cool it, that will just get on her nerves or push her away. Leave the ball in her court, wait to see if she contacts you. If she does after a while, act cool with her and tell her you took another girl out, be polite to her but act like you're not bothered. If she doesn't then it's time to move on with your pride intact. Funny thing with girls is they always want what they can't have

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    The way you kind of phrased it, you left it up to her to contact you. However, I would give it another week, call her and just say, I was thinking of you and wondered how you are doing.

    See how it goes from there.

    Offer her friendship, yes. I mean you don't stop being friends just because of school and tests and such.

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