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What are some Biblical names to go with middle name Jason?

Jason is after my Fiances brother.It can not be a first name.

BQ:When we get married should I keep my last name or hyphen it?

(These are the only two options)


No Jason being the middle name.

Also we can not use Matthew that is my fiances name.

Also Miles Timothy will be his brother.

Update 2:

@Halo Mom-So hyphen it?

Because either way I am somehow keeping my name.

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    Barnabas (Son of Comfort, Biblical: A traveling companion of Paul's. The close association that Barnabas had with Paul, and that extended over the years, had its beginning about three years after Paul’s conversion when he wanted to get in touch with the Jerusalem congregation. How Barnabas first got to meet Paul is not revealed. But it was Barnabas who had the privilege of introducing Paul to Peter and to the disciple James. Barnaby is used more often now in Britain. One of Charles Dickens' lesser-known novels is named "Barnaby Rudge". The name is used from time to time among literary parents. Bernabe is a Spanish form.) (Greek, Aramaic, Biblical) (BAR-nuh-bus, BAR-na-bus)

    Joseph (Shortened form of Josiphiah meaning “May Jah Add (Increase); Jah Has Added (Increased)”, Jehovah Increases) (Hebrew, Biblical) (JOH-sef, JO-səf)

    Hezekiah (God Gives Strength, Yahweh Strengthens) (Hebrew, Biblical) (hez-ə-KIE-ə (English), (Hez·e·ki′ah)

    Aenon (A Cloud, Fountain, His Eye, Place of Springs, A place having “a great quantity of water” available, where John the Baptizer performed immersions after the Passover of 30 C.E. (John 3:23) It was near the apparently better known place named Salim. The exact locations of these places are uncertain; however, Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea in the third and fourth centuries C.E., indicates a location in the Jordan Valley about 8 Roman miles (12 km; 7.5 mi) S of Beth-shean. In this area is Tell Ridgha (Tel Shalem), tentatively identified with Salim. Nearby are several springs that might fit Eusebius’ description of the place called Aenon. ) (Biblical, Greek, Hebrew) (Ae′non, ee-non, NOTE: the A is Silent, it is said like enon)

    Micah (Who is Similar, Who resembles God? Variant of Michael. Biblical: A Prophet and writer of the Book of Micah.) (Hebrew, Biblical) (MYE-cah, MY-kuh)

    Lazarus (Probably the Gr. form of the Heb. name Eleazar, meaning “God Has Helped”, Biblical name: Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. ) (Hebrew, Biblical) (Laz′a·rus, LAZ-ər-əs)

    Benjamin (Son of the Right Hand, Son of the South, Son of my Old Age, Biblical: Benjamin was the 12th, youngest and most beloved son of the patriarch Jacob and Rachel, and was originally named Benoni (Son of my Mourning) The name given by Rachel to her second son as she was dying during the delivery. Jacob changed his name to Benjamin, meaning “Son of the Right Hand.” In the Middle Ages, it was often given to sons whose mothers had died in childbirth, though it has no such connotations today. Brought into use by the Puritans until the end of the 19th Century. After several decades of disuse, came back to great popularity by the 1970’s. Ben is the short form; Benjie, Bennie, and Benny are pet forms. Diplomat and Inventor Benjamin Franklin, American President Benjamin Harrison, Jazz Musician Benny Goodman, Pediatrician and Oracle Benjamin Spock, British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, Actor Benjamin Bratt.) (Hebrew, Biblical) (BEN-ja-men, BEN-jah-min, ben-juh-men)

    Shiloh (His Gift, Peace, Peaceful, Tranquil, He Whose It Is, He to Whom It Belongs, He Who is to be Sent, Biblical: A Prophetic name for the Messiah, Shiloh is also significant as the site of a crucial battle in the American Civil War.) (Hebrew, Biblical) (SHYE-loh)

    Cornelius (Horn, From "cornu". A famous Latin clan name, often used under the Roman Empire. Biblical: Cornelius was a Roman centurion who was baptized by Peter. Another famous bearer of the name was Railroad millionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt. In England it came into use in the 16th century, partly due to Dutch influence.) (Latin, Dutch, German, Biblical, Ancient Roman)(kor-NEEL-yus, korn-NEEL-ee-us, kohr-NEE-lee-əs, kər-NEE-lee-əs (English), kawr-NAY-lee-us (Dutch), kawr-NE-lee-uws (German)

    Silas (Forest, Woods) (Latin) (s(i)-las, SYE-las) *This was a name of one of Pauls travel companions in the bible.*

    Gabriel (Able-Bodied One of God, This name has been used occasionally in England since the 12th century. It was not common in the English-speaking world until the end of the 20th century.) (Hebrew, Biblical, English, French, German, Polish) (ga-bree-EL (French), GAHP-ree-el (German), GAY-bree-əl (English), GAHP-ryel (Polish)

    If you need more names you might want to check out my character naming blog...Character Names Galore. I created the blog to help writers and authors and occasional parents find the right name for there characters and children. I have on my blog the name, meaning, origin, pronunciation, gender and my thoughts on the name. The above names are on there but I have many more. Go to my Yahoo Answers activity page and there is a link to my blog if you wish to check it out. - Cass

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  • jesse
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    4 years ago

    Jason Biblical Name

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  • xoxo
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    7 years ago

    BQ: that is really your decision!

    Jason Matthew

    Jason Levi

    Jason Adam

    Jason Zachary

    Jason Michael

    Jason Samuel

    Jason Issac

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  • 7 years ago

    There are people that use their middle name for work and maiden name for social

    Personally I took my husband name, it's easier for everyone in the family have the same name

    Asher Jason

    Adam Jason

    Thomas Jason

    David Jason

    Daniel Jason

    Christopher Jason

    Seth Jason

    Lucas Jason (Luke)

    Micah Jason

    Michael Jason

    Efrain Jason

    Ezekiel Jason (Zeke)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Isaac Jason

    Jacob Jason

    Caleb Jason

    Elijah Jason

    Joshua Jason

    If you are keeping your name I would hyphen it

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  • 7 years ago

    Jonah is my favorite biblical name :) but that doesn't flow very well. Zachary Jason sounds nice, though!

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  • Megan
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    7 years ago

    Googling Biblical names would probably be your best bet. If you (who wants to use them) don't know any, an atheist like myself certainly won't.

    BQ: Up to you. I took my husbands surname. I hate hyphened surnames, to me they just scream "we don't know if this is going to work or not but we want a baby so let's use both so that way we are both in the kid's life forever"

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