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Jesus asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 7 years ago

Who do I start and should I make a trade? Fantasy FOotball?

I play in a 12 team non ppr league. Currently sitting at first place.

Just recently acquired Lamar Miller as my RB2.

Question now is, should I try to trade for another reliable RB and should I also try to attempt to make a trade for another quality starting QB so I can alternate with Tony Romo? (I.e Mike Vick or RG3)

Who should I trade away? Lastly how would you rank my team and any additional advice?

Also the 49ers play the Seahawks this week so I'm hesitant to play Seattle in the event Kaepernick explodes again. Should I roll with Dallas or Philadelphia as my starting defense for the week or follow my gut and just keep Seattle in my lineup?

Here is my team:

QB Tony Romo

WR Brandon Marshall

WR Demaryius Thomas

FLEX Marques Colston

RB Lesean McCoy

TE Jason Witten

DEF Seattle

K Greg Zurlein

RB2 Lamar Miller

BN RB Ben Tate

BN WR T.Y Hilton

BN WR Emmanuel Sanders

BN WR Deandre Hopkins

BN WR Leonard Hankerson

BN RB Kendaal Hunter

BN WR Aaron Dobson

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  • 7 years ago
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    Don’t trade for a QB. Stick with Romo. You would be wasting talent in other positions. Stick with Seattle D. They’re at home and the 49ers offense couldn’t be worse in their last 2-3 games against Seattle (0 passing TDs and 0 Tds by Frank Gore).

    Do a trade. Miller is not someone I trust. Try getting MJD or MAYBE david Wilson as an improvement. Or Gore

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