How to apply and successfully receive state benefit's in PA?

I haven't had a job for a year plus- a long time- and cannot find one even when I have applied and I have back problem's- I even have difficulty sleeping and getting out of bed in the morning and walking and I have existing and developed depression/emotional problems and have anxiety and hardly ever leave the house either. im not trying to mooch off of the government , I genuinely need help , how could I apply or what should I apply for?

this should also go without saying I don't have medical insurance to cover medical bills for perpetual back pain- since doing regular labor would not be possible what can I do?

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  • Judith
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    7 years ago
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    You aren't disabled; you're unemployed. So keep trying to find work and don't file for disability benefits - because you aren't. Obviously someone is supporting you. Try vocational rehabilitation. Try learning a skill so that you can get a decent job.

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 years.
  • Jan
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    7 years ago

    Of course you are trying to mooch off the government, otherwise you wouldn't make your problems seem like impending death.

    Go and apply at the welfare office.

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