Do you think it's worth me going to university?

PLEASE HELP my future is literally could be resting on your answer hahah no pressure! Okay I'm a bright student, all As and A* GCSE's (not that they matter) and AS level chemistry, maths, English literature and language and history with AABA. (Got A in English coursework but ill for exam so got a B but am retaking!) Originally I had planned to do Maths but now I'm not so sure, I would have to dedicate 80 hours of self teaching to pass further maths and since I'm not fully committed it doesn't seem worth it. My family have some crazy dream of me going to Oxford but I'm not a genius nor incredibly passionate about what I want to do so not too sure if that's right for me. Has anyone got any exciting job prospects I would need a career in to pursue? Do you think it's even worth me going to uni if it's just for the sake of it? I want to go traveling and explore and interact! Not do some dead end office job I hate just because it pays well. Please enlighten me! Thanks so much x

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ok first things first: Education is extremely important. It doesn't matter how smart you are or how artistic and free no one is too cool for school (I'm not talking specifically about you, it's in general). Also you don't have to do a job that requires a desk, if you really are as smart as you sound than you are extremely lucky because you have the world open for you. In the end time will pass, might as well do something productive with it. Stay in school for like 5 years and maybe more if you go farther, then you will have a career that supports you for the rest of your life. Let's say you live until you are 70 and you graduate at 30 (most degrees don't take this long this is all hypothetical) than you have 40 years of stable income and a happy life without money worries, because here is the cold fact of life. If you don't go to school and you end up doing a job you LOVE but that job doesn't support you or are moving from job to job that love will quickly fade. If you do a job you are ok with because it supports you, you will develop a love for it. We aren't born with passions for things or love for things we create that passion and love through experience and hard work. These days Associate's and even Bachelor's don't mean as much as they used to so image if you have none of them. This also applies to the type of careers. The world has so many history majors, sociology majors, dance majors, art majors, and etc, and all of them are in jobs that have little to nothing to do with their degrees. It's a waste to not reach high simply cause doing something fun was easier. Also hobbies are always hobbies. Life isn't dead serious and no fun in college. You have school, then you have fun at home and outside. Life is what you make it. School is fun if you make it fun. My point in the end. You are young and so full of promise. Make the most of your young mind, body, and soul to do better for your future.

    Another point I would like to make is: I learned more about myself in college than the rest of my years alive combined and I still have 2 years to complete my bachelor's. College is more about books and degrees it's about finding yourself. This sounds like a movie but it is so true. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses in college and I loved and still love every second of it. College is like practice and training for later in life. You meet people, you experience things, you learn about society and people like never before in your life. College is so diverse it brings the world to you on campus. You learn to respect others for their strengths and weaknesses and you learn to respect your self and your skills so much more as well. I love college and this is coming from a girl that doesn't go to parties, drink, or do any of the college "recreational activities". I go to school home than work and life is great!! Good luck with whatever you choose to do. I hope I helped.

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  • 7 years ago

    Well to start off with, this is actually a pretty hard question to answer. So many things were going through my mind when I was reading it. For one thing, to me you seem exceptionally bright and intelligent (you sure you're not a genius?) and it would be a little sad for you to waste it by not going to college since with your brains I am sure that you could do great things for the world, but at the same time it is your life. I don't think that it would be a good idea for you to go to college if it's not really what you want. You should make act and make decisions based on what you want to do and not because of what your parents or family want. So honestly I would have to say no it is not worth going to university just for the sake of it. You could end up miserable in the long run and it would just be a waste if you did not even use the degree that you attained. You're just one of those passive people who are incredibly smart but humble about it so you don''t know what to do with it.

    Why not take a year or two off college to take some time to decide what you want to do? That way you can explore your other interests and find out what your real goals are. You said that you want to do something where you can travel and explore but is that the only thing that you have in mind? If so then you can go work on a cruise ship :)

    haha just kidding.

    But seriously it's not a crime if you don't go to college right away or even if you don' want to go at all. During this time you could get take on some kind of internship, find work, and collect your thoughts until you are able to make a decision. You don't know, you may want to go to college in the future and regret it later. Take some time to think about it.

    If my answer didn't really help you, then you can take a look at these jobs. They let you travel and explore the world while letting you learn more about it. I put stars next to the ones that seem to be the most enjoyable.

    - travel writer**

    - cruise ship worker (sorry that actually was one) **

    - archaeologist

    - tour guide (no it's not just for girls) **

    - photographer**

    - geologist

    - Location Scout

    - oceanographer**

    - journalist

    - peace corps worker

    - airplane flight attendant

    - food critic** (you might get fat)

    - international teacher

    - spelunker or caver**

    - host/hostess (not in the prostitute kind of way)

    - translator**

    - travel nurse

    - travel agent

    - yacht sailor**

    - pilot (expensive training)

    - Importer / exporter (nothing illegal i hope)

    - cruise ship captain (they make A LOT of money)

    - Resort jobs (might be fun)*

    - Marine Biologist (if you like he ocean)

    **and i am not certain but I am almost sure that some of these require some college education**

    Good luck!!! ^0^

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