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Kaleb A asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 8 years ago

Start Russell Wilson or Jay Cutler?

Who should I start? Standard scoring. Thanks.

Russell Wilson vs. SF

Jay Cutler vs. Min

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    8 years ago
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    Wilson didn't look great (fantasy wise) in the first game. Furthermore, SF is a tough defense to play against. I might gamble with Cutler in this case. He's playing Minnesota who sucks (other than AP) and he has Brandon Marshall who you can expect to get 1-2 TDs. The biggest problem with Cutler is that he'll probably throw 1-3 interceptions while Wilson is probably less likely to do that.

    So for me here is the break down, if you play Cutler you have to contend with Matt Forte having a big game. If Chicago goes up early, then expect Forte to start running the clock down instead of passing the ball. On the exact flip side, SF now has a dynamic offense so they might go up early on Seattle (but don't forget Seattle is supposed to have the best defense in the league, so they might not be able to). But if SF gets an early lead, then Wilson will be forced to pass the ball and so that could lead to more yardage and more passing TDs (it could also lead to more interceptions though).

    I think I gamble with Cutler for this game, but Wilson is probably the smarter choice (even if he is going against SF).

  • 8 years ago

    Marshawn is gonna have a monster game so there are yards Russel won't have. Cutler has Brandon Marshall to feed. I say start Cutler and gamble. Russel does not have a Brandon Marshall to feed the ball to but he does have a Marshawn Lynch in the back field. Marshawn has averaged over 100 yards in the last 3 meetings against San Francisco.

  • 8 years ago

    While SF is a tough D and Cutler has an easy matchup coming off a good game, I'm of the mind that you don't start benching your starting QB this early, regardless of matchup ... And Seattle is at home where they are always dominant ... So it's a tough call but I still lean Wilson

  • 8 years ago

    i have the same situation. im going with russell because even against the 49ers D he was still able to put up good numbers last year. cutler is too inconsistent

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