How to stop judging men?

It's hard for me to accept that I am a Sexual Being. I feel like the moment I do I'll be under the same category as the "Walking STD's". Lacking common sense, disregarding Human emotions by lacking empathy and sympathy. Oh, and residing by the slang word "Hash-Tag" YOLO!

Can you really blame me though? Sex nowadays seems to be portrayed as meaningless exercise. A way to boost your ego, a good story to share upon friends. I don't know how it's like in other countries but in America sex is advertised 24/7.

Men nowadays are disgusting, it really is hard to not generalize because the majority have that ignorant mentality. Most of them dress up like Jersey Shore-Spring Break wannabes. They give off this "I don't give a ****!" vibe, which makes them feel grown up but being grown has nothing to do with age. If you act like a child you're seen as a child. They also feel like they automatically know the essence of life or something, just because they've read a few pieces of literature and have gain a larger vocabulary. The men nowadays say things that prove their ignorance like "The ugly truth is men like sex!" or "We're visual creatures" They're down-grading their entire gender and they don't even realize it. Basically the men that say these idiotic lines are telling me that they have no opinion. They can't even function because sex is on their minds 24/7. The only reason curvy women are more desirable is because they want to touch, squeeze, suck, etc. it's disgusting. What's shocking is how they actually try to justify their actions as if it's actually right. They blame it on their programming. Right......-_-

Men rape women and children due to their "Sexual urges" so it makes since that I wouldn't be comfortable stepping into the shoes of a Sexual Being. Even though I am not a rapist or molester, it seems like the ignorance and inhumane actions are justified by having urges. Even if these urges aren't strong enough to break the code of physical human respect most men nowadays will do anything to get some.

Sex doesn't look appealing from where I'm standing. I know it feels good, but it's portrayed as a job, a necessity. This makes me pull away from it and the idea that I am a Sexual Being, with urges and that having sex is actually healthy and a good way to become a happier, successful, responsible person. It also makes me pull away from the FACT that not every guy in this world are douches, players, rapists, molesters or just sex maniacs. Some actually care about who they're hurting and why.

It's just so hard to trust a guy. It's so bad that even if a single guy says "There's so many hot chicks!" I automatically label them as not serious, immature. And I know generalizing is immature but it's so hard because at least in America the majority of teenage boys, young adults, and full grown adults are just so, immature and selfish.

I don't want to be judgmental because I may not find Mr. Right in the future due to my immature ways. How do I fix this? Should I fix this? Any advice would be appreciated.

I'm 21 by the way and have dated younger, my age and much older. (10-23 years older)

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    im 18, lost my v card at 16 to a girl I loved, she later cheated on me. To this day I still treat sex as loving another human being and expressing that with my sexual attraction the person I love. Sex isn't something you go out and find, its something that will present itself to you.

    But. We men also have a sex drive like everyone else, we may say things outloud that women may think. We usually don't have a filter on the things we say but that does not mean we should be labeled as immature or "non serious." I say aloud that someone is attractive or that theirs a large group of attractive women out loud to my friends, and most (including female friends) agree with what I say.

    So us being "irrasponcible" may just be us trying to get a good laugh out of people, if we aren't muscular or attractive that's what we men have to strive for; to be funny, cuz that's the only thing we got

    now you being judgmental may just be you, and it may be a part of you that you cant change, you can choose to ignore it, but if a man says that more often then not or says it to you while your in a relationship with them it either means:

    their a big/ cheating flirt.

    or their trying to get you jealous (I have found that my girlfriend now is most adorable when we makes a "im jealous" face to me, with which I just laugh, kiss her, and re-assure to her that it will never happen

    if you want any further questions or if it seemed like I was going off into a bit of a rant and I didn't make much since then leave a comment below this and ill get back to you! glad to help!

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  • cHAcHA
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    7 years ago

    I think you're just looking at things too one-dimensionally. Try to look at the individual person when examining their attitude and actions when it comes to sexual behavior. Not all men are the same, just as not all women are the same. And there are certainly many who act the way which they percieve as normal, not the way they truly feel about sex. Just look deeper, and try to ignore those actions or words that irritate you.

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  • 7 years ago

    Interesting...sounds like your just fed up...and have a conscious and a sense of morals which the world is seriously lacking of..I suggest you visit the site below..

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