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Fantasy football: Who to start at RB week 2 and trade possibilities?

Just a few questions I have. First off what do you think if my team?

Should I trade WR kimbrell Thompkins of the patriots for Giovanni Bernard of the Bengals?

Also might have a shot at trading for Lamar miller in exchange for a deal invoking Bilal Powell and either TY Hilton or Emmanuel Sanders or even Thompkins.

Also who should I start at Rb2 based on my current roster?

QB Tony Romo

WR Brandon Marshall

WR Demaryius Thomas

FLEX Marques Colston

RB Lesean McCoy

TE Jason Witten

DEF Seattle

K Greg Zurlein


BN RB Ben Tate

BN RB Bilal Powell

BN WR T.Y Hilton

BN WR Emmanuel Sanders

BN WR Deandre Hopkins

BN Kimbrell Tompkins

BN RB Kendaal Hunter

BN RB Montee Ball

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    7 years ago
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    Start Ben Tate, your team also looks really good. Also, dump Montee Ball and try to pick up another QB, i wouldn't rely on Tony Romo for an entire season.

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  • 7 years ago

    Ben Tate as the back up and I really like your team it's really good.Especially the receiving core they're amazing!!

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