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How can I ask my grandmother to drop this family court case?

Its a petty assss story i don't eveb wanna discuss it but i went out one night asked her to hold $60&She didbt wann Sara give it back. So i went and took her banj book. I didn't do anything with it nor did i leave out the housewith her personal stuff. She took it upon herself to call the cops &that was the only way i got my $60 back. I dont have tine to go to court to give a lecture. Coud she the present &drop it rather than going to the court. .btw idk where to place this

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    This is so incredibly garbled I can't understand what you're asking. Please calm down and edit so you can get clear answers.

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    Your question is clear, no misspellings .... but the question is a mess of typos and garbage. No one can answer this. As far as I know, no family court would be taking a case in which you gave $60 to someone to hold and then they call the cops when you want the $60 back .... and, from the way you worded this, it sounds like the police had her give the money back to you. Wouldn't you be the one taking her to court if she refused to give you your money back. And what relevance does a checkbook have to do with this. You wouldn't be guilty of anything unless you took a check, wrote it out for $60, forged her signature and then cashed it. What could she possibly hope to accomplish in family court? There was no theft of her funds.

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    Give her back the book. Offer her that you'll do chores for her for like a month or two, apologize and ask how you can make it up to her. You're not in a situation to let pride get in the way.

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