when are the elections in Israel?

I heard in tele aviv there is the first candidate who is gay, I read the news in spanish but I am not sure about mor information about the party that will promote him as candidate for tele aviv?

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    Last elections ........ next elections 4 years afer them

    6 December 2012 – the last day for submission of the lists of candidates for the Knesset to the Central Election Commission.

    10 January 2013 – Election day only members of the Israeli diplomatic missions

    18 January 2013 – after this date the publication of polls and predictions is prohibited.

    21 January 2013 – starting from 19:00 campaigning using assemblies, meetings, speakers, and media is prohibited.

    22 January 2013 – Election Day. Polling stations will be open from 7:00 to 22:00.

    5 February 2013 – the general meeting of the newly elected Knesset.

    6 February 2013 – the last day to request formation of a new Israeli government from one of the leaders of the factions.

    20 March 2013 – the last day to report about the task to form a new government by a faction leader to the President.

    The frequency of elections

    The Knesset elections are supposed to take place every four years. The Knesset can decide, by an ordinary majority, to dissolve itself and call for early elections. Under the direct vote for Prime Minister system, the Prime Minister was able notify the President of early elections. After the abolishment of that system, the Prime Minister can recommend to the President to call for early elections, but the Knesset can block that initiative. The elections to the second (1951), fifth (1961), tenth (1981), eleventh (1984), thirteenth (1992), fourteenth (1996), fifteenth (1999), seventeenth (2006), eighteenth (2009) Knessets were all held before the due date by the Knesset's initiative. The elections for the sixteenth Knesset were brought forward by the initiative of the Prime Minister.

    The Knesset can also decide, by a special majority (80 members), to prolong its term beyond four years. This happened in the case of the elections to the eighth Knesset (1973) which were delayed because of the Yom Kippur War. In either case of delayed or early elections, the newly formed Knesset is still meant to serve a full four-year term from the date of elections as determined by the law, regardless of the election date.

    On the gay candidate: His name is...Dan Slyper

    Last year, members of the gay (LGBT ) community in Israel launched a new faction of the Labor Party to further equal rights, attract more gays to the party and to launch a candidate for the Knesset, the country’s parliament. The new faction was embraced by most of the party leadership, Dan Slyper, a 35-year-old project manager at a high-tech company, is the faction’s candidate for Knesset. Mr. Slyper, who lives in Tel Aviv, believes that politics can bring about even more equality for the LBGT community in the country, especially in less liberal cities outside of Tel Aviv..


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    The municipal elections will take place on October 22nd.

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