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What is The Iga War.........?

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    An uprising of ninja in Iga province of Japan from 1578-1581. The war failed and Iga fell under the control of the central government.

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    It is unknown when or why the Iga and the Kouga became enemies but the war came close to ending at a time when Ogen, the Iga's current chief, was young. She had developed a relationship with Kouga ninja Danjou. At some point the Iga where attacked by Nobunaga Oda, but both Danjou and Ogen managed to escape the massacre thanks to Hattori Hanzo the 1st's actions. However after having escaped Ogen learned that the Kouga had been heavily involved in the attack and she blamed Danjou, causing the rift between the clans to remain. The Iga's leader, Ogen's grandfather, was killed during the attack. Some time later, the Iga retaliated and assassinated a group of Kouga peace representatives, which included Renbu Kasumi. The next day Hattori Hanzo's anti-war pact was signed, forbidding the Iga and Kouga ninja to assault one another.

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