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Brunei clothing norms?

What kind of clothing is worn in Brunei ?

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    "Brunei Costumes reflect the culture of the conservative society of Brunei. Officially Brunei is a Muslim country; hence Islam is practiced largely in Brunei. The Muslims generally follow conservative Brunei attire. Brunei women dress in brightly colored apparels. The dresses usually cover their body from head to toe. The Muslim women in Brunei wear a head scarf in public places and in government offices but scarves not applicable to the Non-Muslim women. Muslim men follow the formal dress code in government offices and public places.

    There are strict dress codes to be followed in Brunei. The society of this nation does not permit the wearing of high-end western clothes. It is also advisable for tourists to follow the trend as far as the dress code goes.

    In modern times, people can be seen wearing shorts, jeans, skirts and other western clothes. Shopping centers and malls house clothing stores that reflect the multi-ethnic as well as international variety of Brunei costumes."

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