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Budgie blood feather issue?

I got four budgies about a month now but my parents don't let me take them inside. I know they have to be inside in room temperature but my parents think I'm being silly. They only have a blanket to keep warm :( My main problem is that one of the females, had her blood feather come off and I found her bleeding in the morning. I know I had to hold her with a blanket and take the remaining of the feather off but I can't catch her, she keep flying away and the other birds are in the way too. (My mum tried and it bit her) she is untrained so I really couldn't do anything. A day later I notice she isn't flying, the others move around and she just uses the cage to move. I cannot touch her cause she is still in training and I cannot really get near her yet. What should I do? Please help me...

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