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Should I stay or should I go? You be the judge. Life story and relationship problems commence.?

Just looking for some insight from people who have been there, done that.

I'm currently in a relationship that's going on four years. As of late, my fiancé has been really stressed and upset with me. She has valid reason to be as well. I'm a great guy, but like all humans, have many shortcomings. Probably more then you would think.

I tend to be bad with money. I mean I pay my bills, but I don't save any. That's never good in a relationship. Also, I was really lazy around the house.. Like taking the dog out or doing the dishes... Whatever, I didn't like doing it and would just not do it. That adds up.

I also don't always act like her fiancé. I've become so comfortable with her that we forget we are in a relationship. It's like we're room mates.

Here's another thing- before we got together, I was a virgin. She was not. Now that part really doesn't bother me. The part that bothers me is that I have this urge to go out and be with lots of different people. Cause before her, I was never really a girlfriend guy. I haven't experienced much outside of our relationship. I love this girl very much. The thought of leaving makes me sick, and I can't concentrate on anything. At the same time, is it just gonna get worse if we stay together? She thinks it may be good for us to have time apart and develop as individuals. I agree, cause I have a lot of stuff to work on to become a better person. I just don't wanna lose the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me- this girl. It's tearing me apart.. Leave your thoughts please! Thanks.

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    went through something very similar

    my advise is to take some time off, stay friends and continue to share your life as friends

    it will help you analyze what you mean to each other

    you will either end up falling back in love or slowly begin to venture out to new experiences

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    You're as committed to GF as you are to a favorite pair of shoes. You could change them. Or not. That's not a good way to conduct a relationship. Free advice: Live alone and get good at it. Learn to like it. Date many different women. Have women friends. It's not until you belong to yourself fully that you can give of yourself the way a mature relationship requires. You've gone from authentic mom to younger, unrelated mom. Mom is mom whatever she's wearing. Time to move on.

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